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  • DNC's Oldest Delegate: 93 Year-Old Minerva Woman +

    One of Ohio's delegates, Ruby Gilliam, is 93-years-young, and hails from Minerva, Ohio. A World War II veteran, she is
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  • DNC Chair Fudge: Don't Waste Your Vote +

    The day started early for the woman who will weild the gavel as chair of the Democratic National Convention, which
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  • CPD Says "Thank You" Following RNC +

    The Cleveland Police Department has released an official "Thank You" video following the Republican National Convention last week:   
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  • CFPD Officer Injured In "Intentional" Crash +

    A Cuyahoga Falls police officer and the suspect who slammed his vehicle into the cruiser the officer was in -- as
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  • DNC2016: Cleveland's Fudge Will Chair +

    UPDATE Wassrman Schultz has resigned her position as chair of the Democratic National Committee, effective the end of the DNC
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