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  • FLAKKA, New Deadly Drug In NEO +

    We've already got the standards to worry about. Then this past summer we were introduced to fantanyl and carfetanil. Now,
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  • Bevan Walsh Sworn In For Fifth Term +

    Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh was sworn into office Thursday; making history as the first Summit County Prosecutor in
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  • AUDIO State Football Title Comes Back To Canton +

    It's official -- the Ohio state high school football championships are coming back to the birthplace of football. The board of
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  • Top Wanted Terry Picked Up +

    Finess Terry didn't go far on the lam from charges he pulled the trigger in a March 2016 street gunfight
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  • Wayne Co. Sheriff Looking For Victim's Truck +

    Wayne County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for murder victim Jeremy Lesh's truck. Lesh's body was found in a wooded area
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