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  • DEA: Dump Your Unwanted, Unused, Expired Drugs +

    Saturday's the day you can get rid of all of your unused, unwanted and expired prescription medication -- safely. Drug Take
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  • Indictment In Teen Driver's Easter Death +

    The Tallmadge man that was charged in connection with the traffic death of an Akron teen on Easter morning has
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  • Arrest For Questioning In Canton Murder +

    A man wanted for a parole violation on a robbery charge has been arrested, and police want to question him
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  • UA Won't Enter ITT Tech Pact +

    The University of Akron will NOT be entering a controversial agreement with the private college company ITT. That's according to
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  • Report: More Than 16 Percent Of Ohioans Struggle To Afford Food +

    A new report out shows that Ohio's food insecurity rate hasn't changed much. The latest Map the Meal Gap report
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