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  • Akron Sues Over Lock 4 Buildings +

    The city of Akron is trying to jumpstart Lock 4 development, by suing property owners of two vacant Main Street
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  • VIDEO Green, Coventry Burglar Sought +

    The Summit County Sheriff's Office hopes some surveillance video helps them catch a burglar. There have been several homes hit
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  • Man Sentenced In Attempted Shooting Of Officer +

    A Barberton man who tried to shoot an Akron police officer, after trying to rob a man at gunpoint, gets
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  • Ohio AG Considering Charges Against Councilman +

    Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine is considering filing criminal charges against Akron City Councilman Bob Hoch in connection to an
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  • APD Shooting Of Attacker Ruled Justifiable Force +

    Prosecutors say an Akron police officer used justifiable force in the shooting of a man who attacked a Humane Society
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