Tuesday, 21 November 2017 05:42

You Can Help Solve Cold Case Murder Mystery

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State and local law enforcement authorities are asking for the public's help in solving a cold case--a really cold case--as the murder victim died in Twinsburg, more than 35 years ago.

But--through the use of facial reconstruction technology; they now they have an image of what the 20 to 30 year old black man who's skeleltal remains were found in a shallow grave in a wooded area behind a factory on Cannon road.

If you can identify the man pictured here, please contact Detective Sgt.Craig Bremner,with the Twinsburg Police, at 330-425-1234 or call the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation's Missing Persons Unit at 855-224-6446.

Monday, 20 November 2017 11:43

Bank Robber On the Lam in Akron

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Akron police looking for your help are finding the bank robber who hit the Fifth-Third Bank branch at 656 West Market Street on Saturday.

They say he passed a note to a teller demanding money, and saying he had a gun. No one was hurt.

More details below, from Akron police report.


Around 12:30pm Saturday afternoon, officers responded to a bank robbery at the Fifth Third Bank, located at 656 West Market Street. Employees reported the suspect entered the bank and handed the teller a note demanding money.

The suspect threatened the teller that he had a gun, however, no gun was seen. The teller handed the suspect an unreported amount of cash and the suspect fled. The suspect was last seen on foot eastbound on West Market Street then southbound on Beck Street before getting into an unknown car.

The suspect is a white male, 30 – 40 years old, 5'7" – 5'9", 170 – 190 lbs., light
brown or blonde hair, slight mustache, and was wearing a black knit hat (like a
boater's hat), a black and gray scarf, red jacket, gray cargo pants, gray and black hiking boots with black and orange soles. He was carrying a blue checkbook in his hand.

Anyone with information is asked to contact our department.


Monday, 20 November 2017 11:37

Akron Woman Arrested for Murder after Crash

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A crash in Akron ended with an arrest for murder, according to Akron Police. 

On Saturday morning, just after 7 a.m., Police and EMS responded to a single car crash into an abandoned building at 781 Grant Street. When they arrived, they found the 2007 Pontiac G6 had plowed into the side of the Grant Street building. The driver, 27-year-old Jelicia M. Wilder, was outside the vehicle, while her passenger, a 27-year-old male, was still in the car and had a stab wound to the neck. 

The male was immediately transported to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital where he passed away shortly afterwords. 

Wilder later told Akron Police investigators that she and the victim were fighting and she stabbed him in the neck. She was driving him to the hospital, traveling north on Grant trying to turn right onto East South Street, when she lost control of her car and crashed into the building. She was arrested and is charged with demostic violence charges and murder. She's been booked into the Summit County Jail. 

The victim has not yet been identified, pending an autopsy from the Summit County Medical Examiner and family notification. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 13:12

OSHA Investigating Tree Trimmer Electrocution

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The Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration--OSHA--is looking into Tuesday's fatal tree trimming accident in Akron, when two people were electrocuted when the cherry picker in which they were working, came into contact with high voltage wires, on Coventry Street.

Police have identified the worker who died, as 38 year old George Csiskos, of New Franklin, Ohio, and the woman he was working with, as Jessica Richmond. She's listed in serious condition at Akron City Hospital, after being thrown to the ground by that massive jolt of electricity.

Police say Csiskos and Richmond were apparently hired by a homeowner to trim trees on his property, and Scott Allen of OSHA says they're looking into whether they were actual employees, or not. If they weren't, he says--then OSHA would not have any jurisdiction in the case.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 11:31

Police: Shooting of Affinity Doctor Was Personal

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Massillon Police say that the man who shot a cardiologist in the parking lot of Affinity Medical Center Monday afternoon targeted the doctor because of a shared love interest. 

Dr. George Seese was walking out to his vehicle that was parked in the Affinity Medical Center parking lot Monday afternoon. When he reached his Denali, Dr. Seese was approached by Michael Wood, who police say then fired five shots at Seese, hitting him several times. After the shooting, Wood returned to his car, which was parked behind Seese's in the lot, and then turned the gun on himself. 

Dr. Seese died from his wounds, as did Wood. 

Area schools were placed on lockdown for a brief period following the shooting, but Massillon Police say that Dr. Seese was the only intended target and there was no immediate threat to the public. 

Dr. Seese was a cardiologist for 20 years and leaves behind 13 children and 13 grandchildren, according to reports. One of Dr. Seese's sons is a colleague at WAKR and Rubber City Radio Group.


Perhaps the finest compliment a leader in the field can get is they "didn't live to work, they worked to live." Those words from James Burdon's law partner Larry Whitney paint the way the legendary Akron defense lawyer always wanted to be defined.

Jim Burdon was 78 and died of melanoma, confirms Whitney. Both men practiced together for decades, since 1972 in a variety of capacities Whitney told WAKR. They were also close friends during their professional relationship, working on some of the most high-profile criminal cases in Akron and throughout the region. 

Whitney says Burdon was held in high esteem as a trial attorney, but never wanted his trial work to define him. Instead, Burdon says he wanted to be defined by his family relationships and noted his profession allowed him to help and support his family and be able to balance the needs of family versus the demands of his successful legal career. "He truly was a fine lawyer, probably the best lawyer this community has seen in a long time, but more than that it did not define him."


Funeral services are pending.


Thursday, 09 November 2017 05:25

New UA, I PROMISE Campaign Featuring The King

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LeBron James, the Kid from Akron, is the man behind the "I PROMISE" program, which he started back in 2011 in an effort to reduce the number of high school students dropping out of school. Since then, the "I PROMISE" program has partnered with University of Akron, helping kids, from a young age, stay on their path of education.


Now, LeBron is the face of a new digital marketing campaign, courtesy of "I PROMISE" and UA. 




See the press release from the University of Akron below for more details:  


The University of Akron’s (UA) latest videos in partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) feature Akron native and four-time NBA MVP LeBron James, along with aspiring students in his I PROMISE program and current UA students. The videos highlighting the benefits of a college education at UA are launching today via digital media in several markets in Ohio and elsewhere.


“It’s all about sparking hope and fulfilling dreams for my I PROMISE kids,” says James in the videos’ introduction. With a focus on stemming the high school dropout rates in his hometown of Akron, James started the I PROMISE program in 2011.


His foundation recently brought several I PROMISE students—some who are now high school freshmen—to the University to talk with current UA students. The resulting series of videos capture UA students mentoring the high schoolers for an afternoon, sharing their college experience, visiting labs and classrooms, and meeting professors. After the mentoring experience, the group came together at the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education to meet with James and share their dreams and goals with him.


“The University of Akron expresses its profound thanks to LeBron and the LeBron James Family Foundation for their partnership with the University,” said UA President Matthew J. Wilson. “The engagement seen in the videos between the I PROMISE and UA students is genuine and powerful.”


The full-length video runs just under two-minutes. Six I PROMISE students are also spotlighted in shorter videos, paired with UA students in their area of interest. The featured I PROMISE students include Jayden, paired with UA student and computer whiz Spencer Csasky, who is majoring in cybersecurity. Another showcased I PROMISE student is Julia, set to graduate from high school in 2022. She met with UA student Drake Smalley, who shared his co-op experience building orthopedic implants.


The videos are an integral part of UA’s fall student recruitment campaign, which is primarily digital media based but will also include some television broadcast and other media. The videos will target Northeast Ohio as well as markets including Erie, PA, Pittsburgh and suburban Chicago.

The full-length video is available at uakron.edu/discover. The individual student videos are at uakron.edu/stories.

Tuesday, 07 November 2017 19:56

State & Local Election Results 2017

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Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan has declared a victory, and is celebrating the passage of the  City's .25% income tax increase.


As of 10:46 PM

Results on Akron/Summit County races and issues include:

Issue #3: Summit County DD (4.5 Mills tax levy renewal, 6 years)

Yes: 74,818 (71.97%)

No: 29,141 (28.03%)

Issue #4: Akron Charter Ammendment (.25% City Income Tax Increase)

Yes: 20,318 (69.84%)

No: 8,775 (30.16%)

Akron Municipal Judge Races:

Annalisa S. Williams (running unopposed): 27,855



Kathryn Michael: 19,791 (60.39%)

Elisa Hill 12,980 (39.61%)


Nicole Walker: 17,436 (53.16%)

Ann Marie O'Brien: 15,364 (46.84%)


Ron Cable:  21,063 (62.24%)

Jason Adams: 12,778 (37.76%)


Akron Municipal Court Clerk

Jim Laria: 18,364 (50.84%)

Jeff Fusco:  17,757 (49.16%)


Cuyahoga Falls Mayor

Don Walters (Dem)  6,396 (66.42%)

Susan Hale (Rep) 3,233 (33.58%)

(For more local results, follow this link: http://www.summitcountyboe.com/ElectionResults/Results/elect110717G.htm)


And here are the results from the Ohio Secretary of State's Office on Statewide Issues.

 State Issue 1 Rights for Crime Victims
YES: 1,790,276 (82.59%)
NO: 377,488 (17.41%)
Total Votes Cast: 2,167,764
State Issue 2 To require state agencies to not pay more for prescription drugs than the federal Department of Veterans Affairs and require state payment of attorney fees and expenses to specific individuals for defense of the law
YES: 439,546 (20.29%)
NO: 1,726,905 (79.71%)
Total Votes Cast: 2,166,451
Thursday, 26 October 2017 14:42

Kindergarten Student Killed in Accident Identified

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The 5 year old boy who died when he was hit by his parents' car right after being dropped off for kindergarten at St. Francis DeSales School in Coventry earlier this week has been identified.

He is Carter Andes, of Green, and the Summit County Medical Examiner's office says he died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Funeral services will be held this Saturday at St. Francis, on Manchester Road.

Thursday, 26 October 2017 11:44

Summit Metro Parks Fire Rogue Ranger

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Summit County Metro Parks said in a statement Thursday that they've fired Park Ranger Jeffrey Axner, 33, following an investigation into a bizarre incident last month that left an elderly Akron couple bruised and in handcuffs in their driveway. 

According to reports, the couple was driving through the Metro Parks on September 27th, when Axner nearly pulled his cruiser out in front of them at the Goodyear Heights entrance to the park at Newton Road. The driver, a 72-year-old man, beeped his horn at Axner and then swerved his Ford Ranger around Axner's cruiser to avoid him. Axner reportedly then turned his cruiser around, and followed the couple to their home on Darrow Road. Once the couple pulled into their driveway, Axner got out of his cruiser, and wrestled the elderly man to the ground, and then kicked his 71-year-old wife to the ground, and placed them both in handcuffs. 

The couple was initially charged with resisting arrested, obsruction of official business, aggravated menacing, and failure to comply. Those charges were dropped just a few days later and the investigation into Axner's actions was launched while he was placed on paid administrative leave. 

The results of that investigation were revealed Thursday morning, and showed that Axner violated Metro Parks Ranger procedure, exceeded his authority in following the couple to their home outside the Metro Parks in Akron, and also used excessive force when he assaulted them while placing them both under arrest. 

Axner has been fired from the Metro Parks Rangers, who say that he violated the department's contract with the Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (OPBA). 

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