UPDATE 1:38 PM: A manhunt that lasted about eight hours in Green is over, with the arrest of a 16-year old.

According to Summit County sheriff's deputies, the Youngstown boy ran off when deputies pulled over a stolen pick up truck that he and two adults were in.

He wound up in a car with a couple of other teens that led to a chase and when the car was finally pulled over, the young man escaped again.

The sheriff's department says the teen was found in a wooded area just south of Greensburg Road, and threw a stolen handgun before deputies caught up with him near Global Gateway Drive.

Two adults were charged with felony motor vehicle theft - 21 year-old Michael Wilson of Youngstown and 26 year-old Tyler Rogers of Akron. Sheriff's deputies say they threw a loaded, semi-automatic rifle out of the vehicle on Massillon Road while deputies were trying to stop the car.

The Sheriff's office says other charges are pending.


Update 10:38a: The 16-year-old boy is now in custody, according to Summit County Sheriff's deputies. 


Summit County Sheriff's deputies are still searching for a 16-year-old boy who reportedly got away from authorities after deputies spotted two men and the teen in a stolen truck in Green overnight.

Deputies tell NewsChannel 5 that all three fled from the truck when deputies attempted a traffic stop. They caught up to the two men, but they're still searching for the Youngstown teen who allegedly got into another car with two other teens and led police on a chase.

The two teens were caught, but -- once again -- the 16-year-old boy got away. He's believed to be armed and in the Greensburg Road area.

On the web: www.newsnet5.com

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 21:38

LeBron Brings The First Lady To Akron

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A two-time NBA champion and the wife of the most powerful man in the country sure do know how to make an impact. 

Thousands of students involved in LeBron James' "Wheels For Eduction" and "I Promise" programs and their families packed the James A. Rhodes arena on the University of Akron campus Wednesday afternoon to take a pledge to complete their education.

The Cavaliers star, who recently announced that he has partnered with the University of Akron to provide scholarships for students in the LeBron James Family Foundation who graduate high school, wants everyone to get involved with investing in the future of our youth.

"I want each and every one of you, not just the kids, but also the parents and the teachers and the mentors and whoever is around these kids every single day, to understand that we are family and we are going to continue to look after each other on becoming as great as we can be," he said.

LeBron even brought a special guest with him to his hometown . First Lady Michelle Obama told the kids that she and LeBron are no strangers to overcoming obstacles at a young age.

"We were kids just like you, and we didn't come from places where families had a lot of money and a lot of resources," said Obama. "We know how amazing you all are and the things that you can do with your lives because we're standing here, and if we can be here we know you can too."

Obama also illustrated the importance of higher education.

"Imagine yourself succeeding here and walking across the stage and getting your college diploma," she said. "Start envisioning that for yourself now, because you all have to get an education beyond high school. You have to."

A new social media campaign, known as "Better Make Room", was introduced by Obama to allow children to share their dreams and aspirations with others all around the world.

The event concluded with both LeBron and The First Lady reciting the "I Promise Pledge" with the crowd, asking them to accept the challenge to finish school.

Thursday, 22 October 2015 06:16

VIDEO Free Mammograms Offer Hope, Life

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When a woman or man is faced with the decision to get a mammogram, the last thing they want to think about is the cost.

It's a problem that Akron General Health System is well aware of and it's why the hospital continues to offer free mammograms to women and men who can't afford one -- through their Muffins For Mammograms program.

"I would have never been able to afford a mammogram. With no insurance, it's quite expensive." said Lisa Neidert.

Neidert received one of the more than 10,000 free mammograms given out since the beginning of Muffins for Mammograms which launched in 1992. The more than 20-year-old program has raised nearly $900,000.

"If they're uninsured, under-insured and they need the mammogram, call us," said Kathy Lukity, RN, at Akron General. " We'll talk to them about getting a physician , because we do like them to have a physician on board in case they need help with the results."

There's no age limit to qualify for the Muffins for Mammograms program, but there are several guidelines that a person should follow including having a written order from a primary care physician. Click here for more details.

"Muffins for Mammograms got me to where I could get treatment, said Neidert. "Without it, I could still be waiting and cancer growing inside of me."

Editor's Note: WAKR's sister station, 94.9 WQMX, held their 16th annual Bosom Buddies event Wednesday, benefiting the Muffins for Mammograms program. Below is a video presented at the program that highlighted the Muffins for Mammograms program at Akron General. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 03:53

NBA GMs All In With Cavaliers

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Northeast Ohio fans certainly hope NBA general managers are right. The annual NBA.com survey of team leaders predicts that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win their first NBA title. The vote was over 53 percent predicting the Cavs will win it all. And many GMs believe LeBron James will rack up his fifth NBA Most Valuable Player Award in the process.
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 03:50

Stow Man Faces Gunman Who Wants Drugs

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A man leaving a Stow medical facility says someone tried to rob him of pain medication.
It happened Tuesday at just after noon, in the parking lot of the Akron General Medical Center on Allen Road
The 69 year old man called Stow Police after the attempted theft, and says a man with a black-colored handgun approached him and his wife as they were getting into their car, and demanded drugs.
The victim said he didn't have any, and the would-be robber then got into a car - an older, four-door tan car - and left.
Anyone with information is being asked to call Stow Police.
Police give a description from the victim: White male, 45-55 years old, clean shaven, approximately 5'10", thin build, wearing a light colored beige windbreaker and a green colored ball cap.
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 03:43

UA Survey: Ohioans Split On Pot Issue

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A new survey from UA's Bliss Institute says support of legalized marijuana is growing in Ohio, but those surveyed are still equally divided on Issue 3, which is on the November ballot.

The survey of over 1000 registered voters in Ohio shows a 46-to-46 percent split on the pot issue, with eight percent undecided.

It shows Issue 2, which would deal with monopolies like the one proposed by Issue 3, ahead 40 to 27 percent, but 32 percent say they're still undecided.

If Issue 2 and 3 both pass, the marijuana issue could be affected.

The Bliss Institute says the poll shows that Issue 3 will drive higher turnout in next month's election.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 16:16

VIDEO Scarborough: UA Expanding To National Reach

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University of Akron president Scott Scarborough says the university needs to move towards being a national university.

That's what he said Tuesday in his "State of the University Address", where LeBron James' new commercial for the university was unveiled.


LeBron will join first lady Michelle Obama for an event at UA tomorrow.

In his address, Scarborough recognized the University's local strengths - but says its reach needs to expand.

"We have to become more of a university with a national reach, an international reach, and we're at that time," Scarborough said in his address. "That's the reason why it feels uncomfortable at the moment, because we are making a transition in character from merely a regional, state university to a national university with an international reach."

Scarborough says recruiting is expanding beyond the traditional focus in the Northeast Ohio area.

He says UA should also target potential students in places like Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Scarborough once again highlighted the University of Akron's polytechnic direction, and said again that it will not short circuit things like arts and the humanities.



Tuesday, 20 October 2015 12:51

Two Shot In Akron

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Two people are recovering from gunshot wounds following a Monday night shootout on Robert Street. 

According to Akron police, an 18-year old and a 26 year old claim they stopped by for a visit when it happened.

"While they were knocking on the front door, two male suspects came from the side yard and filed multiple rounds at them," said Lt. Rick Edwards.

The 18-year old took bullets in the arms, legs and buttocks. A woman who answered the door was struck in the face. Both are being treated at an area hospital and both were listed late this morning as "stable," according to police.

The 26-year old, Recardo Travis of Victory Street was not shot but he returned fire on the original shooters.

He also got arrested on charges of carrying a concealed weapon, weapons under disability, two counts of tampering with evidence, trafficking in marijuana and discharging a firearm into a habitation.

Police searched the house and found a handgun and AK-47 assault rifle and marijuana that was packaged for sale.

It could have been worse, too. Police officers who were on another call, not far from the scene of the shooting, say some stray bullets. A house was hit by at least one bullet.

There were three children between the ages of 4 and 9 inside the house on Robert Street. They're now in the custody of Summit County Children's Services.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 12:22

Students To Grill Candidates

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Green's mayoral candidates square off in a pre-election forum tonight but this one won't feature local journalists or any well known stakeholders asking the question. Instead, a group of high school students are taking charge.

Actually, according to Green Local Schools Communications Director Julie McMahan, the students organized the whole thing with some help from teachers Mark Tomecko and Corey Utterback. The students in an Advanced Placement Government course divided into committees to plan, publicize and execute the event.

Student Zak Belacic says it represents a stream of communication that flows in two directions.

"With us coming to the age of voting, we need to be informed and the candidates need to know our perspective on the issues," said Belacic.

McMahan says there are long term objectives as well. Green, like many other cities, wants to find ways to partner with schools and also find ways to attract and retain young professionals - a description that will apply to current high school students a few years from now.

Ryan Hallbauer, another student, says offering the perspectives of younger voters will help educate the next mayor.

"Some of the city council people have been talking about education and there doesn't really seem to be a lot that people know about policies on education, so coming from students there will probably more questions that will help everyone to understand more," said Hallbauer.

The whole thing would have fizzled if the candidates didn't see value and McMahon says that Gerard Neugebauer and Dave France jumped at the chance to be involved.

"Both of them said 'absolutely,'" said McMahan. "They saw it as a learning opportunity and I think for those two individuals as an opportunity to have a connection to that student body that they might not normally have or see on the campaign trail."

Isses of concern to younger people are brought up but perhaps not in a way that truly reflects what might be on their minds.

"Our views can be skewed because they don't directly come from us and I feel like this is a good way to tell the mayoral candidates about our perspective," said student Andrew Vue.

The forum is tonight. Tickets are required but it will be streamed live through the city's website and available later on demand.

UPDATE 5:54 PM: NewsChannel 5 IDs the man taken into custody near Edison Middle School as 48 year-old Forrest Sunkle, arrested for attempted murder charges linked to his wife.

He held police at bay for about two hours in a pickup truck he was driving, and was eventually taken into custody at about 12:45 on Monday afternoon.


(Earlier coverage) Things are back to normal in the Perry Local School district, after a lockdown caused by police activity near a school.

NewsChannel 5 reports that Massillon police were looking for a man in connection with the attempted murder of his wife.

He was seen being taken into custody near Edison Middle School.

The district has updated the situation, after some Edison students were bused to Canton Baptist Temple during the lockdown.

In a statement, district officials say the system will operate on a normal schedule the rest of the day.

Edison students will be picked up at Canton Baptist Temple, and Pfeiffer Intermediate students didn't have to be bused there in the first place.

(Perry Local Schools, website) UPDATE: At this time the situation on 13th Street has been resolved. Perry Local School will operate on a normal schedule for the remainder of the school day. Pfeiffer Intermediate students DID NOT need transportation to Canton Baptist Temple. Pfeiffer students and staff will be dismissed per the normal schedule.

Parents/Guardians of Edison students can still pick up their child at Door I on the north side of Canton Baptist Temple.

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