Friday, 18 August 2017 10:07

Akron Zoo Loses Leo

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Liver disease the reason the Akron Zoo euthanized their Sumatran tiger "Leo" earlier this week. The Zoo had been home for the past couple of years; he was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo in 2011. The tiger exhibit will remain closed for the time being; the Zoo's other tiger Sanjiv is at the Topeka Zoo on a "breeding recommendation." 

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( he Akron Zoo is mourning the loss of their male Sumatran tiger, Leonidas, “Leo,” who was humanely euthanized on August 13, 2017. The zoo’s professional Animal Care staff recently observed a change in Leo’s appetite, leading to a comprehensive veterinary medical exam on Thursday, August 10. During his annual physical on June 27, 2017, Leo showed no signs of illness and all his lab work came back normal. However on the August 10 exam, their Veterinary Staff discovered that he had significant liver disease. Leo immediately underwent an aggressive treatment regimen, however he did not respond to therapy and continued to rapidly decline. The difficult decision was then made to humanely euthanize Leo.Leo was born on July 9, 2011, at the Oklahoma City Zoo. He arrived in Akron on March 3, 2015. The Akron Zoo is actively working with the Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP) and is expecting a placement recommendation soon, but until that time the tiger exhibit will remain closed. The zoo’s other male tiger, Sanjiv, was recently relocated to the Topeka Zoo on a breeding recommendation from the Tiger SSP.“Leo was a great cat and a wonderful ambassador for his species,” commented Eric Albers, Animal Curator. “He was very much like a typically finicky cat and would only do what Leo wanted to do and when Leo wanted to do it. However, the staff appreciated him and enjoyed having him in Akron to educate and inspire our community.”

Thursday, 17 August 2017 12:29

APD Investigating after Mausoleum Vandalized

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Akron Police are looking for a suspect, and a motive, after a woman found an Akron mausoleum broken into and vandalized.

Rita Day-Lavelle tells News 5 that she was walking past East Akron Cemetery Tuesday and noticed the door to a mausoleum was open. Upon further inspection she saw the lock had been broken. When she looked inside, she saw that a casket had been toppled over, and a man's body was sprawled onto the floor. She tells News 5 that limbs had been broken and the man's head was detatched. 

The man, later identified as a World War I veteran, had been buried in the mausoleum 37 years ago. Another crypt was damaged as well. 

Akron Police Lt. tells the news outlet that grave robbery could be a possible motive, but they haven't established any suspects yet. 

The investigation is ongoing. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017 12:16

Akron Dad Leaves Toddler in Car at Jack Casino

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An Akron man is charged with Child Endangering after reportedly leaving his toddler locked in the car while he was inside the Jack Casino in Cleveland. 

Cleveland Police responded to a call of the young boy locked in the car Saturday night, around 9:30. When they arrived, 28-year-old John Pierre McCallister was reportedly walking through the garage toward the car. He met the police there and reportedly said, "Oh, my bad. I was just coming back to check on him." The report claims McCallister told police his girlfriend had driven them to the casino and that she was inside. He later admitted that she was actually at their Akron home. 

Police contacted the girlfriend, the boy's mother, and she told them that she was unaware McCallister was in Cleveland and that she would come pick up the boy. 

McCallister appeared in Cleveland Municipal Court Monday and is due back in court next week. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017 12:07

Crews Find Missing Boater in Lake Milton

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Rescue crews have recovered the body of a missing boater from Lake Milton Wednesday night. 

The body of 29-year-old Kyle Alspaugh was pulled from the lake Wednesday after he had gone missing from his boat Tuesday night. A witness, who was fishing on the lake, reports that he noticed the boat driving erratically. He told police he actually heard someone calling for help. 

When police arrived, the boat was unmanned and Alspaugh, who hadn't been identified at that time, was missing. 

Divers, K-9's, and even drones were used in the search of Lake Milton. After he'd been identified, Alspaugh's family was notified and was on scene at the Lake during the search. 

Alspaugh was from East Canton. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 11:16

89 Yr. Old Man Gets New Bike From Cops

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Akron Police gave an 89 year old Akron man a new bike today, to replace his bike that was stolen last week.

Thornapple Avenue resident, James Pint, says he was very happy to get the new bike, as his old one was stolen when he parked it in front of the grocery store last week. "It had a lock, but I didn't use it", he explained, noting that there isn't a bike rack in front of the store, so he parked it there unlocked. But, last Thursday, he says, when he was shopping, a store employee told him a kid had just stolen his bike. "I think he was 12 or 13", Pint says.

Akron Police Chief James Nice says after they he got the report about Pint's bike being stolen, they decided to replace it, and while they have often given bikes to kids in the past--he couldn't remember ever giving one away to someone Pint's age. "It's a wonderful thing to see folks still riding bicycles," he says, "especially on a day like today--it's an absolutely beautiful day. You'd hate to be without a bicycle, if you like riding."

As to Pint's reaction to the gift, he says "I'm really surprised, and I thank the police department very much". He adds that he rides about "3 or 4 times aweek and maybe more if the weather is nice", mainly to the grocery store, and to church. 


Tuesday, 15 August 2017 12:39

Police: Student, Teacher Denied Affair

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Multiple authorities were contacted about an alleged student-teacher relationship, that had been ongoing for three years. Every investigating agency concluded that despite multiple text messages between the two, there wasn't enough evidence to prove such a relationship. 

Now, 36-year-old Laura Lynn Cross, a former English teacher at Buchtel High School, is charged with three counts of sexual battery, stemming from the relationship she carried on with a former student for all those years, and that resulted in her giving birth to the young boy's child. Cross was the boy's eighth grade English teacher, according to records, which is where they first met. 

Reports indicate that the teen boy's mother notified school officials, Akron Police, Tallmadge Police, Summit County Juvenile Prosecutors, and more, and got nowhere. Cross even won partial custody of the teenager, which is why he was able to move into her Tallmadge home back in 2013. A News 5 report indicates that the boy's mother didn't fight the partial custody ruling because she didn't want her son to "hate her." 

Tallmadge Police Chief Ron Williams says there just wasn't enough evidence to bring charges against Cross during the time of the previous investigation. He says both Cross and the boy were uncooperative in their investigation. In response to the News 5 report, Akron Public Schools tells the TV news outlet they launched their own investigation into the alleged affair last Friday. 

Cross is currently in Summit County Jail, being held on $100,000 bond. 



Tuesday, 15 August 2017 11:30

Former McKinley Coach Admits Student Relationship

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A former Canton McKinley H.S. swim coach now says he did have a sexual relationship with a student, and more than once, back when he was coaching her. 

Samuel Seiple, 57, says that between May, 2014 and November, 2015, he sexually assaulted the girl who was 16-years-old at the time. 

The 8-month-long investigation by the Stark County Sheriff's Office revealed evidence of potentially other victims, but Seiple has only been charged in this case. In court on Monday, Seiple pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a minor. He was sentenced 180 days in jail, but 178 days of the sentence were suspended. The Canton Repository is reporting the judge's thought was that the two days in jail would help Seiple "understand what it's like to be a criminal." 

Seiple began working at Canton McKinley in 1994. The Canton City School district says he submitted his resignation on August 11, 2017. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 10:14

Akron Woman Allegedly Stole from Charity Fund

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An Akron woman is charged with theft after Summit County Sheriff's Office detectives were tipped off that she was pocketing donations to a victim's charity fund. 

Back in July, Inspector Bill Holland says the third party manager of the "Walking For You" charity fund notified his office that something wasn't right with the money. The fund was set up to help the families of the victims of the May 28th accident along South Main Street in Coventry Township that left two teenagers dead and seriously injured another. Natasha Boggs, 24, of New Franklin, was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, two counts involuntary manslaughter, and more, after investigators say she was texting while driving and cross over the marked lines along South Main Street, hitting the group of teens. 

After an investigation into the charity fund, Summit Co. Detectives discovered that Melissa Szentes, 40, of Akron, who was volunteering with the "Walking For You" campaign, was taking donations and using them for her own personal gain. 

Inspector Holland says that she is currently charged with theft, but more charges are possible, as they aren't sure how much money was actually stolen. The Summit County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who may have donated to Szentes directly to call their office so that they can determine the total amount stolen. 

Szentes hasn't been booked yet, as more charges are pending. 

Monday, 14 August 2017 11:34

Akron Metro Bus Involved in Accident Monday

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An Akron Metro Bus was involved in an accident at Perkins and Goodkirk Streets in Akron Monday morning. 

Lt. Rick Edwards with Akron Police says the 61-year-old female driver of the 2007 Pontiac Vibe was cited for running a red light. Lt. Edwards says the driver, whose name hasn't been released, ran the light at Goodkirk and Perkins and hit the driver's side of the Metro RTA bus, causing that bus to flip onto it's side. On the bus were the driver and two other passengers. All three were transported to Akron City Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The female driver, meanwhile, was treated by EMS on the scene and not taken to the hospital. 

Akron Metro RTA Communications Director Molly Becker says the driver will be drug tested for their own protection and be placed on paid administrative leave while Metro RTA conducts their own investigation into the crash. 



Friday, 11 August 2017 11:29

Tallmadge Man Sentenced in Fatal Akron DUI

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Charles Queer, 64, of Tallmadge, was sentenced to 3 years in prison, fined $15,000, and has had his license suspended for the rest of his life, in Summit County Common Pleas Court Friday morning. Judge Joy Malek-Oldfield handing down that sentence. 

Back in March of 2016, 17-year-old Patricia Powell's car had broken down along I-76 in Akron. Queer, who was driving under the influence, slammed his car into the back of Powell's vehicle, killing her. 

Queer pleaded no contest to two felony counts of aggravated vehicle homicide and one misdemeanor count of operating under the influence of alcohol. In court, Queer's attorney said that while he's entering a no contest plea, his client is not denying guilt. 

The family of Powell recalled that in court, Queer had expressed no remorse and had never apologized for taking her life. Powell was a senior at Ellet High School, scheduled to graduate that year. 

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