2017 marks the twentieth anniversary of Canal Park and the Akron baseball franchise. A major figure in getting the baseball team into downtown Akron was former mayor Don Plusquellic.

It has been two full years since Plusquellic stepped down as mayor, and he gave an update on his life on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Plusquellic talked about the impact Canal Park has had on downtown development, which includes the housing, the pubs and restaurants, and Lock 3 Park.

Looking back after two years away, Plusquellic is proud all he and his administration accomplished. He was glad to have kept the corruption out of the office, and believes he did all he could to bring jobs back to Akron, especially in the rubber industry. He also shared his thoughts on the Kenmore-Garfield merger.

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A disagreement between the mayor and council came down Tuesday night over sewer bills and potential discounts for landlords. Both Mayor Dan Horrigan and Ward 4 councilman Russ Neal separately joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to bring up their arguments over these rates.

First, Mayor Horrigan explained his point of view on these particular utilities, acknowledging the difference between property owners and residents.

Councilman Neal, who has a background in real estate, shared his counterpoint.

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After starting the year 3-3, Progressive Field will open its gates for the first time since the World Series. To get the fans set for Tuesday’s home opener, Ray Horner interviewed a long list of Tribe personnel throughout the morning.

Jim Rosenhaus - Indians Radio Network

Curtis Danburg - Senior Director, Communications

Bob DiBiasio - Senior VP, Public Affairs

Tom Hamilton - Indians Radio Network

Paul Dolan - CEO

Mike Chernoff - General Manager

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With John Kasich’s term as governor ending in 2018, a collection of names have either confirmed or have been rumored to run. Could Jim Renacci one of them?

Congressman Renacci joined the Ray Horner Morning Show, and said he is definitely considering a run for governor. Based on the 2016 election, Renacci believes the people are “fed up” with career politicians, and that the voters would like to see a change.

Rep. Renacci also touched on Obamacare, which he believes should be “dismantled,” as well as the revised travel ban.

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There is a who’s who list of names rumored to join the race for governor once John Kasich’s term is complete. One of those is a familiar name from right down the road. Betty Sutton is one of the two confirmed Democrats to enter the race, and she stopped in studio with the Ray Horner Morning Show. Sutton talked about her decision to run, as well as how her experience in the House of Representatives can help expand the job growth in Ohio. The other confirmed candidates are fellow Democrat Joe Schiavoni and Republican Mary Taylor. Other names rumored have been AG Mike DeWine, Rep. Jim Renacci, and Secretary of State Jon Husted.

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A fixture at Ellet High School for nearly four decades, Joe Yost has decided to call it a career. Yost called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about his long tenure with the Orangemen, which included 23 winning seasons and a collection of shared and outright City Series titles. Why retire now? “I just thought it was the right time,” says Yost.

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He’s a master impressionist and comedian, and he will be in our backyard this Friday.

Frank Caliendo called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to promote his comedy show at the Hard Rock Rocksino. But Caliendo was not alone, as Charles Barkley, John Madden, Jon Gruden, and President Donald Trump also paid a visit.

Caliendo talked to Ray about the process of how long it takes to perfect a voice, as well as finding the right celebrity to imitate.

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On Wednesday, the superintendent of Akron Public Schools addressed the state of the district over the last year and what is to come for the rest of 2017.

David James joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to recap what was brought up at Quaker Station. Among the topics were the health academy, the financial state of the district, and the update on the Kenmore-Garfield project.

A point of discussion was the research into students who may not necessarily be college material. James has been looking to help keep these students interested in the trades engaged and career oriented.

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His long NBA head coaching career began a few miles up the road in Richfield, Ohio. Now, he spent a few minutes speaking in his old stomping grounds.

George Karl, long-time head coach in the NBA, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss his new and controversial book, Furious George. Karl reflected on his coaching career, which included stops in Golden State, Seattle, Milwaukee, Denver, Sacramento, and of course Cleveland. He also talked about working his way up the coaching ranks, and touched on the Cavaliers’ championship run in 2016.

Karl is one of nine coaches who have won over 1,000 games in their coaching careers, finishing with 1,175. He wrapped up his career in 2016 with the Sacramento Kings.

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On Tuesday, The Knight Foundation announced there will be 144 finalists in their third-annual Knights Cities Challenge. Of those 144 finalists, eight are located in Akron, out of 4,500 applicants.

Kyle Kutuchief, director from the Knight Foundation, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the program in general and what all goes into the challenge. According to Kutuchief, the winners will be announced in April.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 09:43

AUDIO: Chief Tucker Settles Into New Position

After 28 years of toiling away in the Akron Fire Department, Clarence Tucker has become the main man.

Tucker, the new Fire Chief in the city of Akron, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about his new position. Chief Tucker talked about the responsibilities of a fire fighter in 2016, a job that has changed a lot since he entered the force in 1988.

Tucker is the 19th fire chief in the city of Akron, and he says being named chief was “a dream come true.” The new chief shared some fire safety tips, which include the opportunity to obtain free smoke alarms if one gets ahold of the Red Cross. He also touched on the devastating fire that occurred on Tallmadge Avenue a few weeks back and how that could have been prevented.

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Thursday, 08 December 2016 09:05

AUDIO: Sen. Brown On John Glenn, Democrat Party

Every so often, US Senator Sherrod Brown joins the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss a slew of topics, at both the local and national level.

Senator Brown discussed a potential showdown between the Democrats and President-Elect Trump on the protection of Medicare and social security. Speaking of the Democrats, what is next for the party? Brown maintains his faith in the party, which opted to keep Nancy Pelosi as minority leader over Ohio congressman Tim Ryan.

The senator from Ohio also shared his thoughts on the declining health of another former senator, John Glenn.

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The transition from President Obama to President-Elect Trump is well underway. Just this morning, Dr. Ben Carson was named Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Congressman Jim Renacci shared his thoughts on the transition with the Ray Horner Morning Show. Renacci is pleased with said transition, feeling this is an opportunity to move government forward. He believes the Republican Party may be slowly coming together, but stresses the need for bipartisanship.

In addition to the cabinet, Rep. Renacci discussed the Cures Act and the Establishing Equity in the Hospital Readmission Program.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 08:11

AUDIO: Downtown Akron To Get A Facelift

In recent years, a focus on bringing the people back to the downtown area has helped transform Ohio towns such as Columbus and Cleveland. Could Akron be not far behind?

It has been announced that the heart of downtown Akron will be getting a new look in the next few years. Jeff Fusco, president of the planning committee in the city of Akron, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the plans for new downtown development. According to Fusco, the focus has been on how to keep young professionals within city limits, which in turn will keep the businesses around, as well.

The plans are calling for 120 new apartments, which will also bring in construction jobs for said projects. Fusco calls this a “dynamic” project for the city.

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Only a handful of states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Could more follow suit? Could marijuana be legal in all fifty states in our lifetimes? Jesse Ventura hopes so.

A familiar face in both government and the wrestling ring, Ventura has released a new book, Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. In the book, the former Minnesota governor breaks down the history of marijuana and why it is still taboo today. He spoke with WAKR’s Tony Mazur on the propaganda put forth by William Randolph Hearst in the 1930s to protect the timber industry, as marijuana was not just used recreationally.
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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 10:13

Green Weatherman Bids Farewell

After this week, television in Northeast Ohio will never be the same. For over 50 years, a weatherman from Greensburg, Ohio is calling it a career.

Dick Goddard, the long-time meteorologist at WJW in Cleveland, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about his final weather report, which will occur on November 22. Aside from his career, Dick touched on his life, which all began in the town that is now called Green. The Kent State grad is also a big football fan, which he parlayed into becoming the statistician for the Cleveland Browns for 43 years.

What is next for Mr. Goddard? He will continue to help “the four-foots," as animal assistance is his “big passion in life."

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Long gone are the days of asking for a yo-yo, a hoola-hoop, and some Lincoln Logs for the holidays. What is the newest smartphone on the market? What laptop should one get? Are PCs going obsolete?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up within a week, Mark Welfley, owner of Welfley Technologies in Fairlawn, answered some of those tech questions on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Welfley’s tip for tech novices is to stick with the familiar brands, in that if one is an Apple fan, stay with Apple. He also mentioned the popularity of tablets and how they will eventually take the place of the standard laptop.

Welfley also talked what to look out for in terms of what the customer needs and what the product includes. On many occasions, the crossover between Apple products and Windows is quite different, so the buyer beware.

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The presidential election has sure divided many Americans, but Veterans Day is the opportunity to bring them all together.

George Janis arrived in studio for the Ray Horner Morning Show. George is a resident of Green, a graduate of Garfield High School, a long-time employee at Goodyear, a married man of 65 years, and most notably a veteran of World War II.

Mr. Janis, who is all of 90 years of age, is one of two World War II veterans being honored at the Sixth Annual Veterans Day ceremony in Green. He is also one of 41,000 living vets from the second World War, and he told the story of his service.

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The long-awaited demolition of Rolling Acres Mall is in progress, and the spot on Romig Road will soon be a vacant rubble lot. So what is next?

Dan Horrigan, the mayor of Akron, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss the past, present, and future of the land. The factors for its downfall, according to the mayor, vary from suburban sprawl to online shopping. The area is roughly 55 acres in Southwest Akron, and the city is looking at the best use for the land and the best return for their investment.

Horrigan still believes in the importance of “brick and mortar” stores, and going forward, the city is looking to do what they can to keep their assets in town, rather than allowing it to spread out.

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Last week, there was a lot of talk as to whether or not Rick “The Wild Thing” Vaughn should throw out a ceremonial first pitch in the World Series. The Indians said no, but why not Roger Dorn?

Corbin Bernsen, who played Roger Dorn in 1989’s Major League, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the movie-making process. He mentioned the writer of the film was an Indians fan and wanted to write a film about his team making it to the promised land, which pretty much happened six years later in 1

995. For many actors, it can be difficult to learn the mechanics of baseball on the fly. Corbin said he played a lot of baseball in his day, which helped him as the fictional Indians’ third baseman. He also talked about Charlie Sheen being quite the ballplayer, and could hum the ball in the 80’s.

Akron residents know Corbin well from his films 25 Hill and 3 Day Test, which were filmed in the region.

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Sure, the World Series is one of the most major events in professional sports. But next door to Progressive Field, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be receiving some shiny jewelry.

John Michael, the play-by-play voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers, called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to preview the first of 82 Cavs games in the 2016-2017 season. Michael looked at the impact from the bench, which added some new faces in Chris “Birdman” Andersen and Mike Dunleavy. The Cavs’ voice also looked at the team’s championship rival, the Golden State Warriors, as well as LeBron James’s impact in his third year back in wine and gold.

Michael also talked about the ceremony itself, in which the Cavaliers will wear their championship rings and the banner will be raised to the rafters. Tipoff is set to start at 7:30 PM. 1590 WAKR is Akron’s home of the Cavs, and you can hear them live on nights when there is no World Series game played.

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Each year, hundreds flock to the southwestern part of Cleveland, Ohio to celebrate the life of Ernie Anderson. Before he was the long-time voice of ABC-TV throughout the 1970s and '80s, he was a cult figure and icon in Northeast Ohio known as Ghoulardi.

Ghoulardifest is put on by now-retired WJW-TV camera operator, Chuck Schodowski. Northeast Ohioans know him as Big Chuck, host of the campy late-night shows Hoolihan & Big Chuck and Big Chuck & Little John. Big Chuck talked to Tony Mazur on the Ray Horner Morning Show about Ghoulardifest, his friendship with comic actor Tim Conway, and what he is up to during his retirement.

Ghoulardifest is going on October 28th-30th and La Rosa Party Center in Cleveland, near Hopkins International Airport.

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The proposals on what to do with Akron Public Schools’ consolidation continues, and six options are on the table being carefully reviewed. The state of Ohio will only fund one high school, which should have a capacity of over 1,000, and that would mean two of the smaller schools will have to be merged.

APS superintendent David James and treasurer Ryan Pendleton joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to recap Monday night’s meeting with Akron city council. James says the engineers are actively searching for property to build this new school, but due to high costs, the facility will most likely be constructed on APS property, specifically Garfield.

Pendleton says he feels excited about giving the Garfield and Kenmore areas new technology-rich facilities.

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It is no secret that Akron’s population has dwindled in recent decades, and with that, the enrollment at local schools decreases. However, some of the facilities need a facelift, even if it means merging schools, which will raise many questions and proposals.

Marilyn Keith, president of Akron city council, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to go over the proposals of new development. Keith says the state of Ohio will partner with Akron Public Schools to build another CLC. The new building will have to have over 1,000 students, meaning it will most likely be a combination of two high schools. North, Garfield, and Kenmore are in need of new facilities, and many surmise Garfield and Kenmore may be the two schools to merge at the Garfield site.

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Every so often, the mayor of Akron, Dan Horrigan, stops in the WAKR studios to discuss an array of topics throughout the city.

One of those topics, as mentioned on the Ray Horner Morning Show, was about the continued development in downtown Akron, which include Lock 3 and Lock 4. Mayor Horrigan took a trip to Philadelphia, and a plan is to model the civic commons after the City of Brotherly Love. The mayor mentioned he outsourced some opinions on what to do with the future of the Innerbelt to get an outside and fresh perspective.

Horrigan also talked about the initiative about retirees paying for insurance, which, as he admits, may not be the most popular moves by the city, but needed to be done.

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Thursday, 08 September 2016 07:58

AUDIO: Bill Tompkin Hopes To Keep His Hives

The sight and the sound of bees can make the burliest of men shiver. That is why a new ordinance in the city of Cuyahoga Falls may put Bill Tompkin’s beekeeping hobby out to pasture.

Tompkin, a former firefighter, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about his four beehives, and how long he may or may not hold be able to onto them. Tompkin believes this proposed ordinance is based off of “ignorance and fear,” and that most people who would walk by his property would never know about the hives.

Each of the four hives, according to Tompkin, can contain somewhere between 70 and 90,000 bees. WAKR has reached out to the city of Cuyahoga Falls, but as of this posting, we have yet to receive a response.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016 10:59

AUDIO: Drew Friedman Draws His Obsessions

They say to write and draw what you love. Illustrator and cartoonist Drew Friedman has made a living out of that mantra.

After pouring over copies of MAD Magazine as a youth, Drew had the opportunity to join the MAD team some years later. He talked to Tony Mazur on the Ray Horner Morning Show about his obsession with sketching old Jewish comedians. Says Drew, his favorite things to draw are old comedians and Jewish people, so he combined the two and turned them into three critically-acclaimed books. His new book comes out in October 2016 called “More Heroes of the Comics.”

In addition to his artwork, Drew also discussed his love of Jerry Lewis, meeting Groucho Marx in 1975, the panned 1968 film “Skidoo,” and his distaste for George Jessel.

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For decades, the officiating in the NBA has been the subject of scrutiny, mainly due to its alleged ties to gambling. That all came to a head in 2007, when a rogue referee came forward and admitted to calling unfair contests because there was money on the line.

That ref was Tim Donaghy, and he called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss the 2016 NBA Finals. Donaghy shared his thoughts on the Cavaliers and Warriors, and he touched on how far he has come since 2007, which included a trip behind bars.

Before the championship series began, Donaghy tweeted "This will be the worst officiated Finals in the history of the NBA, both sides will be furious.”

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Congressman Jim Renacci has been very vocal on his warnings about identity theft, and he is taking the appropriate steps to further prevent it from occurring in the Social Security Administration. Rep. Renacci joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss legislation on what documents are deemed necessary and unnecessary to include social security numbers through the mail.

The Ohio congressman also touched on the bill to reform the hospitals readmissions program, as well as the upcoming Republican National Convention coming through the area.

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Friday, 27 May 2016 10:12

Don Plusquellic Tells All In New Book

It’s been a full year since Don Plusquellic stepped down as the mayor of Akron. After 28 years in office, he left a very large pair of shoes that continue to be difficult to fill.

Now, in 2016, a new book about the former mayor in in stores now, penned by Steve Love from the Akron Beacon Journal. Love and Plusquellic joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the process of putting together this tell-all tome.

True to his nature, Plusquellic was quite candid about his life and political career, dating back to his football days at Kenmore High School. Plusquellic talked at length about his opposition over the years, his sports background, the loss of the Inventors Hall of Fame, the life of Ray Kapper, and bringing faith back to Akron.

The full one hour of the mayor and the author are posted in the Soundcloud link below. Love will be holding book signings around the region. The official book launch will be held at Quaker Station on June 22, starting at 6 PM.

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Fry some pierogis, crack open and piwo, pick yourself up some pussy willows, and break out the Bobby Vinton records, as Dyngus Day is upon us!

Justin Gorski, a.k.a. DJ Kishka joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about this sort-of new annual tradition. Gorski has been the point person in spreading the word of Dyngus Day in the region, which originated centuries ago in Poland. Gorski visited Buffalo, New York, where the large Polish population has been celebrating Dyngus Day since the 1960s.

Dyngus Day is held the day after Easter every year, and is typically located in the Detroit-Shoreway, Tremont, and Hingetown neighborhoods in Cleveland.

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Hal Naragon may not be a household name nationwide, even with baseball die-hards, but he is widely respected in the local community.

Naragon joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss his honor of being named to the Walk of Fame in his hometown of Barberton. He was a Magic back in the 1940s, and he talked about how happy he was to be given this honor.

Hal touched on his town, saying “Barberton has always been good to me.” He gave praise to Mayor Bill Judge: “Downtown Barberton is on the move, and it’s good to see again."

The former Indians and Twins catcher played 10 seasons in Major League Baseball. Because of that, Naragon shared his thoughts on the passing of baseball broadcasting legend Joe Garagiola. Though they played in separate leagues, Hal said Joe was "a very friendly person.”

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The end of February and beginning of March in Northeast Ohio means it's Auto Show time. Each year, hundreds of new and concept cars are delivered to the I-X Center in Cleveland, and avid car fans wonder what will be on the roads next.

Fred Ligouri, the East Region communications director for General Motors, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss what is next for Chevy, including the new Cruze. The local tie-in, of course, is the Cruze is assembled in nearby Lordstown, Ohio, a short drive east on I-80.

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We have heard plenty of stories about coffee over the years, ranging from positive to negative. But recent studies have shown that not only can that first cup of joe be good for you, but it may be the healthiest substance you will put in your system all day.

Dr. Bob Arnot joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss the health benefits of coffee. According to Dr. Arnot, coffee has overtaken red wine as being the new "superfood," if consumed in moderation. In addition to the physical benefits of coffee, Dr. Arnot believes it is doing wonders for mental health, including helping depression.

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On Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers took down the Oklahoma City Thunder, 115-92, but they did so without PG Kyrie Irving. The team informed the media he had "flu-like symptoms," but Irving was "freaked" out by the bed bugs in his hotel room and couldn't suit up.

What are bed bugs? Where do they come from? How does one get rid of them? Dr. Margo Erme, the Medical Director at the Summit County Health District, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to inform the listeners how these critters enter your bed, and how one can prevent them from slithering in.

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Two years ago, the village of Garrettsville suffered a devastating fire that ruined an entire block of historic storefronts. Monica Potter, an actress from the Cleveland area, is doing her due diligence in helping to rebuild the town, both physically and emotionally.

Monica joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the one-year anniversary of her store in downtown Garrettsville, Monica Potter Home. Though she lives in Los Angeles, the Parenthood star also has a residence in nearby Hiram, and she has really taken to the area.

Monica came from an innovative background, and she always wanted to open up her own business. Monica Potter Home has been dedicated to creating jobs and using resources from the area.

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What’s your favorite TV show? How much do you love it? Do you love it enough to create a themed restaurant in its honor?

Well, that is what Craig Deas did, and he talked about his journey on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Deas was the voice of the Lake County Captains from 2003-2015, and he decided to pack up his stuff and move to Mount Airy, North Carolina to opened an Andy Griffith Show themed restaurant.

The name of the establishment is called The Loaded Goat, named after a season three episode of the program.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t made any roster changes, but the addition of Tyronn Lue as head coach seems to have changed the team.

John Michael, the play-by-play voice on the Cavaliers Radio Network, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to gloss over all the goings on with the team. Specifically, Michael commented on the new rotation of players, with Anderson Varejao, Richard Jefferson, and others seeing the floor now, as opposed to the first half of the season.

The voice of the Cavs also talked about the recent firing of David Blatt, and the stigma that LeBron James is a “coach killer,” and whether that label is fair or not.

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In recent years, we’ve learned more about the dangers of concussions and what the term “concussion protocol” means, and a major motion picture put the topic front and center. But concussions have occurred much earlier than the professional and collegiate level, and an area athletic director is applying these concerns at the high school level, as well.

A.J. Hite, the athletic director at Manchester High School, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss what they are doing to prevent concussions and to educate students, faculty, and parents about head trauma. Recently, the Panthers had a wrestler go down with a brutal concussion, so Hite glossed over how the school and the athletic program are handling this through a five-step program.

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A life-threatening and altering experience was turned upside down and into quite a positive.

Will Waller is a player-coach with the Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the team. Waller and the Wheelchair Cavs travel the country and are very active in the community.

Waller, a Paralympic athlete, brought up the criteria to join the team, and he even touched on his unfortunate situation that led him into the chair.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016 07:09

AUDIO: Coach Boarman Steps Down At STVM

It's been a thrilling 26 years, but Dan Boarman has decided to hang it up.

Coach Boarman joined the Ray Horner Morning Show the day after his announcement to step down as head coach of the St. Vincent-St. Mary Fighting Irish. Boarman, who had a record of 206-96 during his head coaching career, told Ray he knew it was time. The coach was a 1970 graduate of St. Vincent High School.

Marcus Wattley, also a STVM alum, will take over the position.

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The city of Green is one of the few communities in the area where the mayors have term limits, and a new administration is in place for 2016.

Gerard Neugebauer, the new mayor, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to gloss over what is on his plate for 2016. Specifically, Neugebauer discussed the housing and economic growth, traffic patterns in the downtown, and the controversial Nexus pipeline.

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 09:23

AUDIO: Jeff Fusco Recaps His Tenure As Mayor

It’s been a whirlwind year in Akron politics, from near-fisticuffs in the council chambers to three mayors keeping the chair warm.

Jeff Fusco was thrown into the mix following the sudden resignation of Garry Moneypenny, and has had to hold down the fort since late May. Fusco joined the Ray Horner Morning Show with Jasen Sokol to recap his short tenure as mayor, which will end on January 1st.

Fusco shared his thoughts on mayor-elect Dan Horrigan. "Dan and I have been friends for a number of years,” said Fusco. "Dan is extremely sharp, he’s on top of it, and I believe he’s going to be a great mayor."

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Monday, 28 December 2015 09:17

AUDIO: Rock Mill Climbs Into 2016

The Akron area has plenty of gorgeous peaks to climb, but some may not be safe for the average person to scale. That's where Rock Mill Climbing comes in.

Starting in early 2016, a state-of-the-art facility will be open for rock climbing enthusiasts or those curious to try it over on Carroll St. in Akron, just east of Route 8. Liz Yokum, the owner, joined George McFly in studio to discuss what's ahead for the organization going into the new year.

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Friday, 18 December 2015 09:04

AUDIO: A Christmas Story House


Ray Horner talks to the owner of A Christmas Story House, Brian Jones. Jones tells Horner about the history of the house and how he acquired it. He tells Ray what can be found inside the house and when the house is open for tours.


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Tom Hamilton of the Cleveland Indians joins Ray Horner to celebrate a renewed contract between the Indians and WAKR. Horner and Hamilton talk about baseball and additions to the team.

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WAKR's Ray Horner talks to Summit County Prosecutor, Sherri Bevan Walsh, about her decision to run for re-election. Walsh also tells Ray about a program very close to her heart, Take Me Home.

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Treasurer of Akron Public Schools, Ryan Pendleton, joins Ray to talk about the plan to consolidate schools. Pendleton tells Ray about how much money the district will save and discusses other ways the district will benefit from the consolidation.

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Ray Horner talks to outgoing councilman Mike Williams about the ending of his 28 year career. Williams tells Ray about the outstanding support he has recieved and how he has made it through 28 years as a councilman. 

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You remember him from the show Good Times, mainly by his world-famous "Dyn-O-Mite" catchphrase. But he's more than just J.J., as evidenced in this podcast below.

Jimmie Walker joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk some sports and touch on his long comedy career. Jimmie professed his love for Jim Brown, who he thought was the greatest football player ever, and how the Browns should dump Johnny Manziel to Dallas.

Jimmie is at the Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls all weekend, two shows per night.

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