Tony Mazur

Tony Mazur

The Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t made any roster changes, but the addition of Tyronn Lue as head coach seems to have changed the team.

John Michael, the play-by-play voice on the Cavaliers Radio Network, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to gloss over all the goings on with the team. Specifically, Michael commented on the new rotation of players, with Anderson Varejao, Richard Jefferson, and others seeing the floor now, as opposed to the first half of the season.

The voice of the Cavs also talked about the recent firing of David Blatt, and the stigma that LeBron James is a “coach killer,” and whether that label is fair or not.

News broke late Monday night that FirstMerit Bank will soon merge with Huntington, though not for another six months. The headquarters for FirstMerit Corporation is located in downtown Akron, and, after the merger with Columbus’s Huntington, it will create the largest bank in the state of Ohio.

This came as a shock to many local residents and even politicians, where many jobs and branches will soon be affected. Summit County executive Russ Pry and Akron mayor Dan Horrigan called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to share their thoughts on FirstMerit’s history in Akron and their commitment to the community, as well as what Huntington has in store going forward.

In recent years, we’ve learned more about the dangers of concussions and what the term “concussion protocol” means, and a major motion picture put the topic front and center. But concussions have occurred much earlier than the professional and collegiate level, and an area athletic director is applying these concerns at the high school level, as well.

A.J. Hite, the athletic director at Manchester High School, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss what they are doing to prevent concussions and to educate students, faculty, and parents about head trauma. Recently, the Panthers had a wrestler go down with a brutal concussion, so Hite glossed over how the school and the athletic program are handling this through a five-step program.

A life-threatening and altering experience was turned upside down and into quite a positive.

Will Waller is a player-coach with the Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the team. Waller and the Wheelchair Cavs travel the country and are very active in the community.

Waller, a Paralympic athlete, brought up the criteria to join the team, and he even touched on his unfortunate situation that led him into the chair.

This week's 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of the Week is Grier Cowles from Manchester High School.

Grier plays basketball and runs track for the Panthers. She started playing both sports at a young age, but does not really favor one sport over the other. With that said, Grier will run track while she attends Walsh University this Fall.

Grier, a 4.0 student at Manchester, plans on studying nursing and maybe being a personal trainer some day. When she is not studying or practicing, Grier likes to hang out with friends, go to the movies, and take naps.

Grier really likes being at Manchester because of the small school environment and all of the nice people. She likes the fact that everyone knows each other. Down the road, Grier hopes to be working at a hospital and eventually starting a family.

This week's 1590 WAKR Male Student Athlete of the Week is Joe Pavlak, a junior at Wadsworth High School.

Joe is a member of the swim team and has earned a long list of accomplishments in his time at Wadsworth, including being named the All-Gazette MVP 2014 and 2015.

Joe says he really enjoys the camaraderie of his friends on the team, and it's one of the things that gets him through the long and arduous practices that come with being on the swim team. He also uses the motivation he learned from his coaches to push through any challenge he faces. The coaches have always taught him to continue to work hard to accomplish his goals, something Joe will be able to take with him through the rest of his high school career and on into his adult life.

We wish him the best of luck in whatever comes his way.

Drivers across the country have been blown away by the extremely low gas prices of late, especially in Michigan.

Patrick DeHaan from joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss this phenomenon. Ultimately, DeHaan says the low prices are due to supply and demand, and during the winter months, demand for petrol is quite low.

Monday, 18 January 2016 09:59

AUDIO: Eddie Sipplen on MLK Day

On this day in 1993, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was observed for the first time in all fifty states. Today, we celebrate the life of Dr. King and his message of equality and acceptance.

Last week, Eddie Sipplen was tapped to be a part of the MLK commission in the state of Ohio, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to touch on what Dr. King’s life and words meant to him. When asked if the black community is better off now than it was 50 years ago, Sipplen said in some ways yes, some ways no. He believes it’s wonderful that blacks and whites can eat in a cafeteria together with no issue, but from an economic standpoint, the divide continues.

Highland High School senior basketball player Joe Wiencek is our male WAKR Student Athlete of the Week for January 15th-January 22nd.

Wiencek registered a rare triple-double for high school boys basketball last week with double figure totals in points, rebounds, and blocks in a Hornet win. Highland currently stands at 6-5 on the season.

"This was pretty special. We won the game, which was the biggest part of it," said Wiencek.

"Joe has really stepped up as a leader on the team as he anchors us as a rim protector and is our best communicator," said Highland Head Boys Basketball Coach Adam Cestaro.

Joe actually played soccer as a freshman and sophomore at Highland, but really missed football and returned to that sport to letter at the school. He is also a three-year member of the basketball team.

Joe was a receiver on the Hornet football squad, and at 6'7", he was a matchup nightmare on the outside in football. He uses that height well on the basketball court as well.

Wiencek is so much more than athletics at Highland High School, as he is a member of the National Honor Society, Peer Leadership Program, and he has lead a school blood drive. Joe is also a member of the concert band at Highland, playing the French Horn.

"Joe is an outstanding student with a GPA over 4.0 and has offers to attend a number of schools, said Cestaro. "He is a great decision maker on and off the basketball court."

This week's 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of the Week is Alexus Nance, a senior basketball player for Garfield High School.

She began playing basketball in seventh grade, and ever since, she's loved the sport.

"One of my friends said that I should try out, and I made it," Nance said.

She said working with her teammates and coaches is a very beneficial collaboration for the Lady Rams, and she enjoys the camaraderie.

Alexus plans on playing basketball in college, and is not sure on her course of study when she gets there, but says her mother is the biggest influence in her life.

"She always pushes me to do well in basketball and in school," she says.

Head coach of the Lady Rams Tommy Cherry says Nance is like a coach on the floor and that he appreciates her leadership.

"She's a great individual," said Cherry. "She's been great with our younger girls, helping to motivate and mold them."

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