This week's 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of the Week is Alexus Nance, a senior basketball player for Garfield High School.

She began playing basketball in seventh grade, and ever since, she's loved the sport.

"One of my friends said that I should try out, and I made it," Nance said.

She said working with her teammates and coaches is a very beneficial collaboration for the Lady Rams, and she enjoys the camaraderie.

Alexus plans on playing basketball in college, and is not sure on her course of study when she gets there, but says her mother is the biggest influence in her life.

"She always pushes me to do well in basketball and in school," she says.

Head coach of the Lady Rams Tommy Cherry says Nance is like a coach on the floor and that he appreciates her leadership.

"She's a great individual," said Cherry. "She's been great with our younger girls, helping to motivate and mold them."

This week's 1590 WAKR Male Student Athlete of the Week is Caleb Pratt.

A senior basketball player at Norton, Caleb got his first taste of basketball at an early age. He discovered a love for the game by playing pick-up games with his older brothers and started in the sport as early as first grade.

Caleb spoke of his time playing basketball for the Panthers as something that he'll really remember and something that he'll take with him the rest of his life. The strong sense of family that unites the team at Norton is one of his favorite aspects of playing basketball at that level.

Caleb also does very well in math, one of the subjects he enjoys the most. Caleb is keeping his options open as he prepares to make the next step after high school.

Caleb mentioned one of the things he'll be able to take away from his time with the Panthers is how to deal with adversity. A life lesson I'm sure he will use to conquer obstacles throughout his lifetime.

We here at 1590 WAKR wish him the best.

This week's 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of the Week is Taylor Champagne from Lake High School. Taylor is a sophomore basketball standout for the BlueStreaks under head coach Henry Cobb. She plays volleyball at Lake as well.

Taylor began playing basketball when she was eight years old, with a little bit of a push from her older brothers, who also played at Lake during their high school years. She has become quite the three-point shooter and poured in a season high 26 points in a recent game in the Federal League.

Taylor watches a lot of NBA hoops and proudly says that LeBron James is her all time favorite player. She is hoping the Cavs bring home a title this season.

When not playing or practicing, Taylor likes to hang out with friends and traveling. She hopes one day to spend some time in Europe. Taylor plans on studying to be an athletic trainer, but wouldn't mind being a lawyer, too.

Copley High School senior butterfly swimmer Emilio Bloch is the WAKR Student Athlete of the Week for December 30-January 8th.

Emilio has put together three first-place finishes already, as well as four second-place finishes. Emilio swims the butterfly stroke as well as various relays for the Indians.

"The Butterfly is a difficult stroke but I enjoy it, plus not many like to try the swim because it is a difficult move," said Bloch.

Emilio got into swimming by way of a near tragedy as a fall in the ice led him to the sport.

"Yeah, it was eye opening. My parents said I should get lessons and then after that I fell in love with the sport," said Bloch.

Bloch has also tried his hand at rugby while at Copley, and he has participated in that club sport for four years.

Emilio carries a strong 3.84 GPA and plans on majoring in Biology in college.

"If I can swim in college, that would be a plus, but I will be there to get my education," said Bloch.

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AUDIO: 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of the Week: Tom Lowry

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This week's 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of The Week is Tom Lowry from Green High School.

Tom is a senior bowler for the Bulldogs and coach Randy Hanson. He started bowling as a freshman at Green and actually made the varsity team that year.

Tom enjoys hanging out with his friends and family and working on cars and trucks in his free time away from bowling. He is looking to study architecture in college, possibly at Kent State University. Tom really enjoys the great atmosphere at Green High School, especially the class sizes, his teachers, and the overall unity within the school.

As far as bowling is concerned, Tom, who began bowling at the age of four, has already bowled two 300 games in his career. Those were the first 300 games in the history of Green High School!

This week's 1590 WAKR Male Student Athlete of the Week is Jake Pollotta of Jackson High School.

Jake is a multi-sport athlete and has competed at the varsity level in basketball, baseball, and football. When his senior year comes to an end at Jackson, he will have earned 10 varsity letters.

While doing all this, he had the wherewithal to keep his grades at such a high level that he will be going to Dartmouth University in the fall. When he attends Dartmouth he plans on playing football for the Big Green, while getting an Ivy League education.

One of the biggest things Jake will remember about his time at Jackson will be the friendships and connections he's made with his teammates and classmates. He also said of Coach Tim Budd: "Coach always told us to not take an account for what other people are saying about us and just go out and play our game."

Jake's ability to budget his time and be successful not only on the field, but in the classroom shows what dedication this young man has, to not only sports but to academics.

We wish him only the best in the end of his senior year and on into college.

Firestone High School senior boys basketball player Jaylin Moore is this week's male Student Athlete of the Week for WAKR.

Moore is off to quick start for the Falcons team, as he has scored in double digits in three of the first four games. Firestone is off to a 3-1 start.

"I really worked on my shot this offseason, plus my speed," said Moore. "So Far, it is working well."

Jaylin is a four-year member of the Falcon team, but this is his first year as a starter. Last year, he averaged close to 15 points per game off the Firestone bench.

"I think we are really good, we share the ball well, we look for our teammates," said Moore.

Moore has been a track athlete with the green and yellow in the past, but right now he just wants to concentrate on basketball, a sport he hoops to play in college.

"I hope to play basketball in college but more importantly I want to get a Business degree," said Moore.

As a youth, Jaylin always wanted to play basketball. His father noticed that love and got him some special training, and now the hard work is paying off for this Firestone High School senior.

Our 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of the Week is Amber Howell, a junior basketball player at Kenmore High School.

Howell says her teammates support each other and work well together both on and off the basketball court.

"We are very active, we work together really well, and we talk (on the court)," she says.

Recently, Howell had a Lady Cardinal record 11 threes against East, scoring 37 points in the contest.

Amber also says playing for coach Yontami Jones is something special as well, and that she always works to get the best out of her and her teammates.

"She always pushes us hard at basketball, and tries to make us do our best."

Coach Jones said that Amber is a good role model for her younger teammates and exhibits great leadership.

"She's a wonderful person," said Jones. "She's a leader for us on the court and off, she has a 4.0 GPA, and she's a great example."

Howell is a multi-sport athlete at Kenmore, and plans to continue her basketball career in college.

This week our 1590 WAKR Student Athlete of the Week is junior basketball player Sasianna Meadows from North High School.

She says she likes playing because it's release for her, no matter how she's feeling, and her teammates make playing very special.

"They're my girls," she says. Sometimes Sasianna leads by example, sometimes she leads vocally, but leadership is a role she cherishes.

Amongst the major influences in her life include her father, who kept her and her sisters in the sports scene from a young age.

"He's the one who got me into a lot of sports, he keeps us very involved," she said. As a multi-sport athlete at North, Sasianna plays softball, volleyball, basketball, and runs track.

My older sister went here, and we played together my freshman year when she was a senior, and she was a good example, and my little sister is actually a good influence because she keeps me on track."

In her spare time, Sasianna enjoys singing and playing the piano. She also plans on playing softball in college.

We wish Sasianna the best in her future endeavors.

This weeks male student athlete of the week is Jaret Skaggs, a QB at Coventry High School.

Jaret has been a three-year starter on the varsity squad for the comets and plays under head coach Ed Egan. Jeret said of Coach Eagan: "He was the one that believed in me during my sophomore year and I will always thank him for that. He's also given me the opportunity to grow as a QB and a leader. He did a great job teaching me how to become a man and a leader, something I will be able to take with me through the rest of my life."

Jaret plans on attending college and majoring in education so he can one day teach his favorite subject, History.

During his time at Coventry, Jeret has compiled a list of accomplishments that include: Eight school football records,a tie, and co offense player of the year in the PTC.

Jaret also takes part in basketball, where he was a two-year starter and able to make it to the regionals twice. He helped bring home a PTC championship.

Jaret not only participated in football and basketball but was a four-year participate in track, where he was first-team all track two times.

We here at 1590 WAKR wish Jaret the best of luck as he continues his senior year and on into college.

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