Thursday, 16 June 2016 10:59

AUDIO: Drew Friedman Draws His Obsessions

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They say to write and draw what you love. Illustrator and cartoonist Drew Friedman has made a living out of that mantra.

After pouring over copies of MAD Magazine as a youth, Drew had the opportunity to join the MAD team some years later. He talked to Tony Mazur on the Ray Horner Morning Show about his obsession with sketching old Jewish comedians. Says Drew, his favorite things to draw are old comedians and Jewish people, so he combined the two and turned them into three critically-acclaimed books. His new book comes out in October 2016 called “More Heroes of the Comics.”

In addition to his artwork, Drew also discussed his love of Jerry Lewis, meeting Groucho Marx in 1975, the panned 1968 film “Skidoo,” and his distaste for George Jessel.

Monday, 13 June 2016 07:00

Plusquellic Remembers Voinovich

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The passing of George Voinovich, a former mayor, governor, and senator in the state of Ohio, has caused plenty of public figures to step forward with their reflections and condolences. One of those figures is former Akron mayor Don Plusquellic. Though the two came from different political backgrounds, Plusquellic spoke in depth about the political and person life of Mr. Voinovich on the Ray Horner Morning Show. The long-time Akron mayor mentioned how he and Voinovich worked together over the years, and how it was possible to reach across the political aisle. Voinovich was the governor of Ohio from 1991-1998 and a member of the U.S. Senate from 1999. Prior to those offices, he was the mayor of Cleveland from 1980-1989. The Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland, which is partially under construction, is dedicated to him.

Friday, 10 June 2016 10:22

AUDIO: Earnest Byner Recovers Hearts Of Fans

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They said time heals all wounds. Sure, The Fumble is still a sore subject with Browns fans everywhere, but it seems many have forgiven the bruising running back from yesteryear.

Earnest Byner has a new book out called Everybody Fumbles, and he talked about the arduous writing process on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Byner says writing the book was cathartic for him, as he was stricken with guilt for decades after the play on that fateful January day in 1988. The Fumble affected Byner so much that he felt he could never be as sound professionally as he was prior to that play.

Byner also talked about his career with the Redskins, Bill Belichick as a young head coach, and the ESPN 30 For 30 special on Cleveland sports. His book is available on his website, as well as Amazon and local bookstores.

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 07:11

AUDIO: Former Ref Shares Thoughts On NBA Finals

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For decades, the officiating in the NBA has been the subject of scrutiny, mainly due to its alleged ties to gambling. That all came to a head in 2007, when a rogue referee came forward and admitted to calling unfair contests because there was money on the line.

That ref was Tim Donaghy, and he called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss the 2016 NBA Finals. Donaghy shared his thoughts on the Cavaliers and Warriors, and he touched on how far he has come since 2007, which included a trip behind bars.

Before the championship series began, Donaghy tweeted "This will be the worst officiated Finals in the history of the NBA, both sides will be furious.”

Congressman Jim Renacci has been very vocal on his warnings about identity theft, and he is taking the appropriate steps to further prevent it from occurring in the Social Security Administration. Rep. Renacci joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss legislation on what documents are deemed necessary and unnecessary to include social security numbers through the mail.

The Ohio congressman also touched on the bill to reform the hospitals readmissions program, as well as the upcoming Republican National Convention coming through the area.

Thursday, 02 June 2016 09:51

Mayor Horrigan On Search For New UA President

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The parting of ways with Scott Scarborough was certainly not surprising, but it was not without its concerns. Those concerns are being heard throughout the Akron community, and the local leaders are listening.

Mayor Dan Horrigan joined the Ray Horner Morning Show on Thursday, two days after the announcement from the University of Akron. Horrigan talked about the search for the new president and the challenges it can bring, as well as what it means for the region.

In addition to the university, Horrigan also touched on the food truck popularity and the state softball tournament at Firestone Stadium.

Friday, 27 May 2016 10:12

Don Plusquellic Tells All In New Book

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It’s been a full year since Don Plusquellic stepped down as the mayor of Akron. After 28 years in office, he left a very large pair of shoes that continue to be difficult to fill.

Now, in 2016, a new book about the former mayor in in stores now, penned by Steve Love from the Akron Beacon Journal. Love and Plusquellic joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the process of putting together this tell-all tome.

True to his nature, Plusquellic was quite candid about his life and political career, dating back to his football days at Kenmore High School. Plusquellic talked at length about his opposition over the years, his sports background, the loss of the Inventors Hall of Fame, the life of Ray Kapper, and bringing faith back to Akron.

The full one hour of the mayor and the author are posted in the Soundcloud link below. Love will be holding book signings around the region. The official book launch will be held at Quaker Station on June 22, starting at 6 PM.

Thursday, 26 May 2016 10:09

AUDIO: Hopkins Airport Gearing Up For RNC

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As the Republican National Convention approaches, Northeast Ohio seems to be mentally and physically preparing itself for the hordes of out-of-towners coming through the area. But how exactly are they getting there?

Fred Szabo, the director at Hopkins International Airport, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about CLE’s preparations before the convention. Szabo says the airport will add extra TSA staff before the convention, and they have expanded the checkpoints for visitors, ensuing the crowds will pass through quicker.

Hopkins Airport has been under construction for well over a year, and Szabo believes the renovations will wrap up a month before the convention. Szabo admits the process of renovating the terminal has been “painful,” but he feels folks will be pleased with the updated signage and facades around the airport.

Monday, 23 May 2016 09:57

AUDIO: Illuminating Company Prepared For RNC

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All eyes will be on Northeast Ohio in the coming months, from the Bridgestone Invitation to the Pro Football Hall of Fame game and induction ceremonies, to the NBA Finals. But it is the Republican National Convention that has been of most concern.

Who is going to provide the power for the influx of people? Will it be enough? John Skory, the regional president of FirstEnergy's Illuminating Company, answered these questions on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Skory brought up how the Illuminating Company has been doing numerous studies since Cleveland was named the home of this year's RNC, and they are prepared for any issues in case they come along.

The RNC will be coming through Cleveland from July 18-21st.

Believe it or not, boomerang throwing is popular in many other countries, not just Australia. Now, a local product looks to spread the word throughout Northeast Ohio.

Before he competes for season 8 of American Ninja Warrior next week in Philadelphia, Logan Broadbent took the time to call into the Ray Horner Morning Show. Logan, a GlenOak alum, talked to Ray about his athletic career and how and why he decided to pick up the boomerang.

In addition to being a member of the US Boomerang Team, Logan is a triathlete and a graduate of The Ohio State University.

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