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AUDIO: Dr. Margo Erme On Bed Bug Prevention, Awareness

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On Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers took down the Oklahoma City Thunder, 115-92, but they did so without PG Kyrie Irving. The team informed the media he had "flu-like symptoms," but Irving was "freaked" out by the bed bugs in his hotel room and couldn't suit up.

What are bed bugs? Where do they come from? How does one get rid of them? Dr. Margo Erme, the Medical Director at the Summit County Health District, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to inform the listeners how these critters enter your bed, and how one can prevent them from slithering in.

Each month, the (new) mayor of Akron will stop in the WAKR studios to discuss the goings on throughout the city and what is on his plate for the coming months. Dan Horrigan will also take your calls during each visit, at (330) 370-1590.

Horrigan sat down on the Ray Horner Morning Show to recap his first full month as mayor, along with the growth of education in the area, from kindergarten through post-high school. Specifically, the Akron mayor talked about welcoming Stark State Community College into Summit County, and touched on David James’s State of the Schools Address.

On James’s speech, Horrigan congratulated Akron Public Schools for their impressive turnaround, and how they’re “changing the narrative” about urban public schools. "I’m happy to be a part of it, helping them grow, too.”

Horrigan also addressed the housing situation in the Akron area. A stat the mayor brought up was how there have been more homes built during the Great Depression than in recent history. The mayor is in favor of saving homes and properties, if they are indeed salvageable.

In the last year, Akron Public Schools, like many districts, encountered its share of negatives, but the positives have been quite impressive.

David James, the superintendent of Akron Public Schools, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to review his State of the Schools Address from Tuesday. James touched on the amount of growth and progress he has seen from the students across the board. Compared to other urban area school districts, APS has seen their test scores rise.

James took tours of the schools, and believes the improvements in the classrooms are “a testament to the teachers.”

A negative that was mentioned during the speech was the downtrend in the graduation percentage, but James also said he is impressed with the amount of scholarships.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 07:58

AUDIO: RubberDucks Owner Makes Forty Under 40 List

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On Monday, the Sports Business Journal came out with their Forty Under 40, a list of forty professionals under the age of 40 who have made an impact on the business side of athletics.

Ken Babby, owner of the Akron RubberDucks, was included on that list, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss this honor. Ken talked about his life growing up in Washington DC, how the RubberDucks are contributing to the community, and how he’s taken the Akron blueprint down with him to Jacksonville.

The Ducks owner also touched on what is to come for Canal Park in 2016, specifically the home opener on April 14th and the Eastern League All-Star Game on July 13th. Babby will receive this award in Los Angeles in April.

The Canfield hockey team, who was slated to move on in the playoffs, are instead heading back to Mahoning County due to a forfeiture. This scenario occurred because a Cardinals player was also on a club team, which by rule is not allowed and results in a forfeiture. The Twinsburg Tigers will instead move on.

Tim Stried, Director of Information for the OHSAA, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to explain the situation. Stried says the member schools voted this rule into place, as coaches and administrators believed it would give an unfair advantage to other student athletes by playing on a high-level travel team. He also believes there’s a safety concern had this rule not been in effect.

Stried also shared his thoughts on the playoff structure for girls and boys basketball. This comes off the heals of a massacre at Gilmour Academy, where the Lancers took down their opponent, 108-1, in boys basketball.

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AUDIO: Senator Sherrod Brown Reflects On Scalia Legacy

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Though he was 79 years old, the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia shocked the world. Now that there is an opening in the court, the controversy over who will be nominated for that spot continues to circle.

Senator Sherrod Brown joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about Justice Scalia’s legacy and what President Obama plans to do next.

In addition to Scalia, Senator Brown also shared his thoughts on the auto industry, which he says "is stronger than it’s been in a decade.”

Two years ago, the village of Garrettsville suffered a devastating fire that ruined an entire block of historic storefronts. Monica Potter, an actress from the Cleveland area, is doing her due diligence in helping to rebuild the town, both physically and emotionally.

Monica joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the one-year anniversary of her store in downtown Garrettsville, Monica Potter Home. Though she lives in Los Angeles, the Parenthood star also has a residence in nearby Hiram, and she has really taken to the area.

Monica came from an innovative background, and she always wanted to open up her own business. Monica Potter Home has been dedicated to creating jobs and using resources from the area.

Last week, we talked to a former local broadcaster who moved to Mount Airy, North Carolina to open up an Andy Griffith Show-theme restaurant. Now, Ray spoke to an Andy Griffith and Don Knotts biographer.

Daniel de Vice has a new book out called "Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show." Daniel discussed the backgrounds of Andy and Don, how they met, how the show became so iconic, and why how their friendship fared over the years.

Daniel will be speaking at Hudson Library and Historical tonight at 7 PM to talk about the book in depth and sign autographs.

US Senator Sherrod Brown is a frequent guest on the Ray Horner Morning Show, and will answer a variety of questions. Today’s focus was on the continued outbreak of the opioid addictions across Ohio and the country.

Senator Brown believes the government is trying to head off the opioid addictions off at the pass, especially with more education in the field in recent years. Still, the senator thinks Ohio does not have enough treatment centers, and wishes to scale up treatment centers.

In addition to the topic at hand, Senator Brown shared his thoughts on the recent New Hampshire primaries and why the voters seem to be gravitating toward Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Also, the senator believes the Cleveland Indians, with the strength of their starting rotation, will be in the playoffs this season.

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AUDIO: WFMJ's Lindsay McCoy Reports From Kasich Camp

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Donald Trump may have cleaned up at the polls in New Hampshire, but John Kasich proved he is not going away. Kasich finished second in the polls at the New Hampshire primary, in a state he campaigned heavily in.

Lindsay McCoy, reporter at WFMJ in Youngstown and former member of the WAKR newsroom, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show early as Kasich's flight was landing. McCoy was covering the Ohio governor during his New Hampshire campaign, and she painted the picture of the mood of his camp this morning.

This was quite an impressive turnaround for Kasich, who was way back in the Republican pack, especially last week in Iowa. Kasich decided to focus his attention on New Hampshire with over 100 townhall meetings.

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