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One movie broke box office records, and one is just broke. Check out this weeks flicks here.


Beauty And The Beast

This movie is very interesting, as it has not been received as well from the national critics as I would have thought. This does have some problems, and makes a couple of strange decisions, but this is very good movie making.  In fact the making of this, is the star as it is the marriage of many different kinds of movies rolled into one.

First the problems.  Emma Watson as Belle. OK, she's not as good of a singer as the written music here, but who you gonna get?  Who can sing this incredible music, and still be a box office draw at this young age that is required?  She makes it through, in a no-win situation for her.  She's fine, not great, but not a deal breaker.  Also, this is a bit too long, with too many far too long  scenes that do wear out their welcome.  And some of this is a bit over the top.

But this does have some real nice moments.  Its old school musical format is fun to see.  The CG effects are incredible, and the sets, costuming and overall feel is certainly what they were going for.  Makeup is terrific, and music same.  And some of the techniques used here are simply breathtaking when the non human characters come to life. 

Perfect? No.  But highly enjoyable for you and your family.

The Belko Experiment

OK, this is a really, really good idea that they just fumble through, and that's too bad.  This story had the chance to be something original, but they went for simply violent instead.

This fictional American company called Belko, is taken over by some entity that delivers this ultimatum to the 6 employees inside.  They must kill 2/3 of the employees themselves in few hours, or  "they"  will kill them all by a means don't want to know here.  It all is in the name of an "experiment."  Sad part is, after about 90 minutes of blood, guts and violence, you never really find out why, or who "they" are to any real satisfaction. 

(Trailers Inappropriate)

That was the whole thing here. That fact alone, was the star of this movie. Too bad the makers didn't know that. They sell out to big violence and straight out killing instead of a decent story. 

Good and original idea, flushed away

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