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Kind of a yawner this week at the movies, lets see what's out there for you!

Power Rangers

OK this is the latest toy or TV series come to life for the grown adults as much as their children. This ala Transformers and the like.  There is nothing new here.

This is loud.

This is Power Rangers.  Not a bad afternoon for you and the kids.  Get set, there will be more


There is bad, there is really bad, and then there is this.  How anyone can be enthralled by this is simply amazing.  This is Alien, reborn, and ripped off.  Plus, has there been a movie in the past few years as predictable as this?

Observation here. When you make space adventure and action thrillers that are set in the way distant future, you have more license.  When you make a modern day space movie with people on the International Space Station, you need to get it right.  Making the people on the station look like morons and stupid is simply bad movie making.  And that's what this does.  Also, real stories of space set in the contemporary world as FAR more compelling than terrible fiction like this.

True stories feature characters you like and are pulling for.  This movie has neither. I hated these characters so much, I couldn't wait to see them meet a horrible end.  This is silly, insulting and you know from frame ten, what will happen in the final one.

Life -  Go see the new Alien this summer instead. Embarrassing.


Woody Harrelson stars in the latest Indy lick about a quirky, grumpy old man. This time it's Wilson.  This has some fun moments in it, as Woody gives it his best, as this smacks some of St. Vincent, About Schmidt, and As Good As It Gets.  But it's not nearly in the same class.

(Trailer Inapproriate)

This is an original story to a degree, as Wilson is a upper middle aged guy, alone in the world, as the world has passed him by.  This does have a twist or two that are compelling, but sadly overall, this is just simply a way better idea than it was a produced movie.

Wilson - a select group will see it, and walk out wishing it has been better.

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