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AUDIO Wadsworth Lady Grizzlies Ready For Tournament

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Heading into the State Tournament, the Wadsworth Lady Grizzlies have been playing well and continue their dominance in the Suburban League.

Andy Booth, the head coach of the Lady Grizzlies joined the Sam Bourquin Show on a Thursday to talk about his club and their win over Nordonia last night 57=35.

"The mood right now is pretty good," Booth said.  "It was a great defensive effort from our kids, we played very well."

The Lady Griz are 14-0 in the Suburban League for the 2015-16 year and the seniors for this years class have never lost a Suburban League game.

"We're fortunate to just have a group of kids that just know how to play basketball," Booth said. "We know how to adjust on the fly and we're a cerebral team."

Thursday, 11 February 2016 23:15

AUDIO Copley Indians Keep Rolling

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One of the teams to watch in area high school basketball is the undefeated Copley Indians, who are coming off a win against North Tuesday.

Mark Dente, the head coach of the Indians joined the Sam Bourquin Show to talk about his club and what they've been doing to stay healthy, keep improving, and look for ways to improve on the mental aspect of the game.

They will be playing the Aurora Greenmen tomorrow, but over the last couple weeks, many players have stepped up for Copley.

"Austin Brenner, our junior guard has been putting up some amazing stats, with 19 points against Highland," Dente said.

Even with an undefeated record, the Indians still have some more work to do.

"We're not very big, so we'll have to get out and run, work on our rebounding, and we'll be fine."


 Copley is currently the #2 seed in the Division I Alliance district.


Last week, we talked to a former local broadcaster who moved to Mount Airy, North Carolina to open up an Andy Griffith Show-theme restaurant. Now, Ray spoke to an Andy Griffith and Don Knotts biographer.

Daniel de Vice has a new book out called "Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show." Daniel discussed the backgrounds of Andy and Don, how they met, how the show became so iconic, and why how their friendship fared over the years.

Daniel will be speaking at Hudson Library and Historical tonight at 7 PM to talk about the book in depth and sign autographs.

US Senator Sherrod Brown is a frequent guest on the Ray Horner Morning Show, and will answer a variety of questions. Today’s focus was on the continued outbreak of the opioid addictions across Ohio and the country.

Senator Brown believes the government is trying to head off the opioid addictions off at the pass, especially with more education in the field in recent years. Still, the senator thinks Ohio does not have enough treatment centers, and wishes to scale up treatment centers.

In addition to the topic at hand, Senator Brown shared his thoughts on the recent New Hampshire primaries and why the voters seem to be gravitating toward Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Also, the senator believes the Cleveland Indians, with the strength of their starting rotation, will be in the playoffs this season.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 21:40

AUDIO WFAA's Hansen Talks Johnny Manziel

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The ongoing saga with Johnny Manziel continues, and it appears as though the former Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A & M will go down as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history because it appears he can't shake his demons.

WFAA's Dale Hansen joined me to talk about Manziel and the downward spiral that he's been on, and what can possibly save him.

Hansen says he doesn't quite understand the public's fascination with "Johnny Football."

"Johnny Manziel to me is the Kim Kardashian of the NFL," Hansen explained. "He's famous, but he hasn't done anything, and I happen to be one of those 'old guys' who doesn't understand it," he says.

He says that quarterbacks and other NFL players have struggled in their early years, but worked hard to be great. Hansen also says that the drinking and the partying for which Manziel has been known for has overshadowed what he's been accomplishing as a football player and he's the only one who can reverse his fortunes.

 Dale Hansen was one of the reporters who broke the story on SMU's cheating scandal in the 1980's. One of the players at the center of the scandal was David Stanley, who succumbed to drugs and alcohol abuse. Dale says he sees some eerie parallels between Manziel and Stanley.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016 06:37

AUDIO: WFMJ's Lindsay McCoy Reports From Kasich Camp

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Donald Trump may have cleaned up at the polls in New Hampshire, but John Kasich proved he is not going away. Kasich finished second in the polls at the New Hampshire primary, in a state he campaigned heavily in.

Lindsay McCoy, reporter at WFMJ in Youngstown and former member of the WAKR newsroom, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show early as Kasich's flight was landing. McCoy was covering the Ohio governor during his New Hampshire campaign, and she painted the picture of the mood of his camp this morning.

This was quite an impressive turnaround for Kasich, who was way back in the Republican pack, especially last week in Iowa. Kasich decided to focus his attention on New Hampshire with over 100 townhall meetings.

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 14:34

"Mardi Gras" at Blu Jazz!

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Tony Troppe from Blu Jazz club talked with Jasen about their exciting "Mardi Gras" party tonight! Eric Seddon's Hot Club will be bringing New Orleans right to downtown Akron!

Professor Tom Sutton from Baldwin-Wallace University talked with Jasen today about the New Hampshire primary, the upcoming primaries, and the candidates on the bubble.


Monday, 08 February 2016 08:47

AUDIO: ABC News’ John Quinones On Rethinking Race

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John Quinones grew up watching and admiring Peter Jennings, and just a few years later, he ended up working with him.

John, who will be speaking at the University of Akron on Tuesday night, called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss his life and career. The event is called Rethinking Race 2016, and John mentioned how progressive the media has been in hiring people of different races, genders, and backgrounds since he began his television career.

In addition to his life, John also shared his thoughts on the wave of illegal immigration (or lack thereof), the discrimination, and the media perception around it.

Saturday, 06 February 2016 08:37

AUDIO NBC Conference Disbanding: What's Next?

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The Northeastern Buckeye Conference announced this week that they will disband in 2 years and Louisville High School will be looking for a new home.

NBC Commissioner Jim Carmichael joined the Sam Bourquin Show to talk about the move and what it means for the schools involved including Louisville.

 "The league bylaws say the league will be in place for two years, and then they will break apart," Carmichael said.

The other schools in the NBC are Alliance, Marlington, Carrollton, Canton South, Minerva, Salem, and West Branch.

Carmichael, who was not at the meeting when NBC officials made the vote to disband says he's not sure of the future of Louisville being in a new league. (Writer's Note) Calls to Louisville athletic administration were not returned as of Friday.

Carmichael said in talking to other league officials the main reason for the move was competitive balance across the sports, mainly football.

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