Thursday, 29 June 2017 17:42

AUDIO Sam and Brad Wager Of The Day Thursday

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Sam , Brad, and Tyler got into the Thursday edition of the Wager of the Day. You can catch the Wager of the Day every Monday-Friday at 5:20pm. 


Thursday, 29 June 2017 09:03

AUDIO: Sen. Brown On Healthcare Divide

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The revised healthcare bill continues to be split down party lines, though some in the GOP are not exactly falling in line with their counterparts, either.

Senator Sherrod Brown joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to break down the mood in Washington, at least on his side of the spectrum. Senator Brown believes the revised healthcare bill, spearheaded by Mitch McConnell, is nothing more than “a tax cut bill” that will only help those the rich. Brown says cutting Medicaid will hurt those in states like Ohio getting treatments for opioids.

In addition to healthcare, Senator Brown discussed cyber threats and President Trump’s travel ban, which he does not believe was executed properly and could be considered illegal.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 18:05

AUDIO Sam and Brad Wager of the Day Wednesday

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Sam, Brad, and Justin got in on the Wednesday Wager of the Day!


Wednesday, 28 June 2017 15:52

AUDIO Larry Brown: Chauncey 'Not Afraid To Work'

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Former NBA player, coach, and Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Brown joined the Sam and Brad Show Wednesday to talk about  how former Pistons guard Chauncey Billups would fare as an executive with the Cavaliers.

Billups has been offered a role with the Cavaliers. Nothing has come as of yet, but both sides are continuing to talk.


For the full interview, click here.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017 22:27

AUDIO Sam and Brad Wager of the Day Tuesday

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Sam, Brad and Justin got in on the Tuesday edition of the Wager of the Day!

Akron officials are making the case for the proposed 0.25 percent income tax increase that is expected to appear on the ballot later this year. The $16 million projected annual revenue increase will be earmarked for police, fire, and road improvements.

Chief Clarence Tucker of the Akron Fire Department joined Jasen to explain the dismal condition of several of his firehouses, discuss additional needs that could be fulfilled by the added tax revenue, and talk about what his department has done to be fiscally responsible.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 16:31

AUDIO: APS Board Members Talk Layoffs

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The Akron Public Schools announced the elimination of 93 positions Monday, including 31 teachers and 35 tutors. Much of the blame for the layoffs was placed on the merger of Kenmore High School and Garfield High School.

Akron School Board President Patrick Bravo and School Board member Lisa Mansfield joined Jasen Tuesday to talk about what the layoffs will mean for students and whether some of the laid off staff members could still get jobs within the district.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 16:03

AUDIO Still No GM For Cavaliers

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CBS Sports NBA Writer James Herbert joined the Sam and Brad Show Tuesday to talk about the Cavaliers' ongoing search for a GM and the latest on Carmelo Anthony possibly seeking a buyout.


For the full interview, click here.


The 2016-2017 school year has been over for a few weeks in the Akron Public Schools, and now they look ahead to the fall. However, they will do so with six schools consolidated to three, which means some will be without jobs.

David James, the superintendent of Akron Public Schools, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss these changes. The closures of Kenmore High School, Kent Middle School, and Bettes Elementary will result in over 70 job cuts, all due to consolidation. However, these administrators may not be completely out of jobs due to what is called “priority transfer.” According to James, there is a fluid process where the affected teachers or other administrators, based on seniority, can fill other positions where those in place had either resigned or retired.

As for the Kenmore-Garfield merger, the students at the now-former Garfield High School will move into the Kenmore building in the fall. Then as the old Garfield building gets demolished, plans for the new school construction will be underway.

It was announced on Monday that Summa Health System will be eliminating 300 positions due to a $60 million operating loss in 2017. The largest employer in Summit County, Summa Health has 8,000 workers across the area.

Interim President and CEO of Summa Health System, Dr. Cliff Deveny, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to address these job losses. Dr. Deveny cites dramatic drops in outpatient volume are due to trust issues, as well as competition from other area health providers, as reasons for the cuts. Most of the positions being cut are at the administrative level, so it will not affect patient care.

Dr. Deveny is confident Summa Health can weather the storm, but in order to do so, the company must continue to grow by being "freestanding and independent.”

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