Ben Genet

Ben Genet

The Akron Marathon will be under way this weekend as runners from all over country and the world will look to put on display their will, determination, and athletic ability. Some runners will look to set their own personal marathon records while others will look to break world records. For Helen McWilliams she has a paticular Guinness Record in her sights. McWilliams sat down with Jasen Sokol to discuss her ambition to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time running a marathon while dressed as a chef.    

Ohio State Head Baseball Coach Greg Beals joined Sam on the Sam Bourquin Show and discussed the Buckeyes 2016 Big Ten Tournament Championship. Beals discussed how the Buckeyes had to win four games in 48 hours to win the championship. Coach Beals talked about the trials and tribulations that the Buckeyes had to battle to win the championship starting with overcoming a walk off loss to Iowa. "We got walked off in the ninth inning with a three run lead against Iowa in the second round, took a punch in the gut with that loss." Beals said. Beals credited the competitive toughness, mental toughness, and ability to stay locked in on why his team over came the loss to Iowa.

Hoban Knights head softball Coach Frank Voss joined the Sam Bourquin Show and talked with Sam about winning the Regional Championship, and moving forward to the State Championship Playoffs. Voss also talked about some of the players that have excelled on the Knights. Voss gave Sam some insight on how one particular pitcher on the Knights scares him saying Laney Jones refers to the pitching circle as her lair. " Usually when I go out to talk to her I ask if I can enter the lair." Voss said.  

Bill Davis joins the Sam Bourquin Show to talk to Sam about the Warriors run thus far going into the state tournament. Davis talked to Sam about how the team has prepared to get to this point and how a tough schedule has helped in that preparation, "We were able to play a really tough schedule this year once again and that has a lot to do with getting us ready for this weekend." Davis said. Davis also discussed with Sam on how the win over North Canton Hoover has prepared the Warriors for the State Championship Playoffs.



Steve King of Browns Daily Dose joined the Average Sports Show to break down the Browns off season and what to expect this up coming season. King talked about what the Browns coaching staff needs to do to build up the confidence of Browns quarterback Robert Griffin the 3rd.   King believes that Griffin can a bridge at the quarterback position saying that he has faith in Browns head coach Hue Jackson to build the former rookie of the year back up. King believes the Browns coaching staff is different in years past, "I was thrilled to death when they signed him, I was thrilled to death when they brought in Al Saunders and Pep Hamilton these guys know quarterbacks they know offence." King said.    


Sam continues talking to St. Ignatius head football coach Chuck Kyle on being named the Browns Youth Football Advisor. Kyle talked about some of his goals as the new youth advisor saying that repairing the fields is going to be important. Safety is also a concern on Kyle's list saying "We need to make sure kids start out young in flag football." Kyle believes that putting an emphasis on flag football will build the confidence of young players as they grow and move up to tackle football.


The legendary St. Ignatius head football coach joined the Sam Bourquin Show to disscuss his recent hire as the new Browns Youth Football Advisor. Kyle talked about how his meeting with Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and his wife Dee helped him with his decision saying he took it as a great honor in being asked to be directly involved in helping the community and youth athletics. Coach Kyle said after the meeting that he was very excited about the idea, "I really got excited about the idea, in my small way contributing to the community and certainly for youth delopment."  


Spencer Davies of Amico Hoops and FOXSports Ohio Joined the Sam Bourquin Show to talk about the Cavs 38 point win over the Raptors in game five of the Eastern Conference Finals. Sam and Spencer also discussed if we could expect a Raptors victory in game six, “ You could expect a Cavs win tomorrow but the difference is the Cavs are going to be completely focused on closing it out.” Davies said. Davies also believes that the learning experience of losing games three and four in Toronto could help Kyrie elevate the Cavs in Game six.   


Steve Doerschuk sat down with WAKR's Brad Russell to talk about the upcoming Browns game against NFC North rival the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Going into the game both the Steelers and Browns have question at the quarterback position. Browns' quarterback Josh McCown and Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger are both dealing with injuries. Doerschuk gave his opinion on who he believes will start for both teams. "I'm betting on Manziel starting for the Browns and Landry Jones playing for the Steelers." Doerschuk said.  

Doershcuk is not counting out either starter in this game saying that, "I'm hedging my bet that there is a ten percent chance Roethlisberger will play and a 25 percent chance that McCown will play."




Steve Doerschuk was on the Average Sports Show where he and WAKR's Brad Russell talked about the Browns' front office.


Doerschuk spoke about the dysfunction between Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, Team President Alec Scheiner, General Manager Ray Farmer, and Head Coach Mike Pettine. He added , "That's not a odd couple, that's a odd couple of couples."

Doerschuk went on to say that he doesn't think that any of pieces fit together. He said that Scheiner might fit with Haslem from a public relations stand point.

Doreshuck also said that "I don't think Scheiner fits at all with a football guy like Ray Farmer."





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