Jeanne Destro

Jeanne Destro

 Saturday, June 15, is Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

We talked to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost about how to detect it, and what we can do about it.


This week, we’re talking about renewed interest in, and emphasis on space travel and exploration, Amazon delivery drones, Robocalls, and how hackers are using sound to crack passwords.

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There's something new at the Akron Zoo--a Snow Leopard Cub!

The female cub was born on April 29 and is currently in a private cubbing area with mom, Shanti. 

Zoo officials say she's healthy, but she does have a congenital eye defect, which is fairly common in Snow Leopards. Once she's older, they'll determine the best course of action--which could include surgery.

This is Shanti’s eighth cub. She previously welcomed two cubs in 2012, two cubs in 2014, and three cubs in 2016 with her previous mate, Roscoe.

This cub’s father is Tai Lung, who is a first-time father.


This week, it's all about scammers, schemers, and hackers who try--and often succeed, in parting you from your money, your peace of mind, and maybe even your identity. 

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This week, government surveillance through social media, a novel way to reduce global warming, reducing robocalls, wind power on Lake Erie, and tiny robots that may one day clean your teeth.

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This week, Amazon in the spotlight again—and not in a good way, how your smartphone may soon be obsolete, a Cicada-finder app, and toilets—for cows.

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This week, risky behavior on social media, from dangerous and sometimes fatal selfies, to losing your job because of what you post online. Also: why not all home security software is actually secure, and how you can safely—and securely—recycle your old electronics.

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Wednesday, 08 May 2019 07:00

Akron Primary Election Results

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan easily fended off his Democratic primary challenge from Greg Harrison, winning with more than 78 percent of the vote.

He will face Republican Josh Sines, in the November election.

It's going to be a whole new ballgame on Akron City Council, after yesterday's primary election.

Long-time city council members Marilyn Keith, Veronica Sims, Bruce Kilby,  Bob Hoch, and Zack Milkovich are out.

Jeff Fusco, Linda Omobien, Rich Swirsky, Margo Sommerville, Russ Neal, Mike Freeman, Donnie Kammer and Tara Mosely-Samples won their primary challenges.

New to council heading into the general election in November on the Democrat side, are Ginger Baylor, who will be running for an at-large seat, Phil Lombardo, who beat Bruce Kilby in Ward 2, Brad McKitrick who beat Bob Hoch in Ward 6, Shammas Malick who beat Curtis T. Walker, Sr., in ward 8, and Sharon Connor, in Ward 10, who beat Zack Milkovich.

On the Republican side, Cynthia Blake, Henry Todd, and Monica McNatt will be vying for a council at large seat. Brenda Rongone Costarella, Todd Kleintop, Michael Downey, and Jackie Williams ran unopposed, and will face Democratic challengers in wards 1, 2, 3, and 6.

For more details from the Summit County Board of Elections, click here.

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This week, hackers in the spotlight again, causing problems at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, and ripping off a church for nearly two million dollars. We'll also take a closer look at exactly how hackers infected and shut down parts of the City of Akron's Network earlier this year, and then take a look at some cool new inventions that can help both save energy—and the environment.

As the number of measles cases continues to rise nationwide, word that if you are a certain age, and have already received the vaccine; that might not be enough to protect you.

Dr. Tim Brown from Cleveland Clinic- Akron General, talked to Ray Horner about it this morning, and has the latest advice from the CDC.

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