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Akron Zoo Volunteers Making Masks for Local Health Care Workers Featured

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Akron Zoo Volunteer Akron Zoo Volunteer Akron Zoo

(Akron Zoo) Akron Zoo volunteers and staff have stepped up to sew masks from kits developed by the zoo’s veterinary team.

Using a medical mask pattern from the University of Florida, volunteers are making masks with up to N99 level filtration using Halyard H600 surgical sterilization wrap material. These masks can be sterilized for reuse.

When the zoo put the call out to its staff and volunteers, several dozen people wanted to use their skills to help make masks. The Akron Zoo’s goal is to make several thousand masks.

A portion of the masks will be donated to the Summit County Health Department and other community partners. The remainder of the masks will be used for zoo staff and to restock the zoo’s emergency stockpile. The zoo donated approx. 1,400 N95 masks from its emergency stockpile to Summit County Emergency Management Agency several weeks ago.

The Akron Zoo is closed until further notice. The zoo will make updates on its website and social media. For more information, visit or call 330- 375-2550.   

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