Thursday, 05 November 2020 10:56

Sheriff: Suspect Fired Shots Into Green Home Featured

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Green Suspect Green Suspect Summit County Sheriff's Office
The Summit County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of someone stealing political signs and then firing at least two shots from a shotgun into a residence in the City of Green Wednesday night. 
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According to the Sheriff's Office report, the victim told police that an  unknown person walked into their yard and stole a "Dump Trump" sign and that a second suspect shot at another similar sign that they had propped in the window in the front of the home. 
When police arrived they found two shotgun casings near the home and damage to the house's window and siding. 
Additionally, the homeowner told deputies that he'd been receiving pro-Trump mail and even photographs of his house and his political signs. 
The photos are from the homeowner's RING doorbell security app. It is believed that the man pictured is one of the suspects involved.  
Anyone with information is asked to call the Summit County Sheriff's Office at 330-643-8637.
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