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Robbery Suspect Arrested After Calling Police About Being Robbed Featured

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Lachana Williams Mugshot Lachana Williams Mugshot Akron Police
An Akron woman was arrested after she called police about a burglary at her own home.
Police say 30-year-old Lachana Williams is facing charges connected to one recent robbery and is a person of interest in two others in the city over the past two months.
The most recent robbery happened at the Subway restaurant in the 1600 block of South Hawkins Avenue Tuesday night. That's when police say Williams walked into the Subway, ordered cookies and then pulled out a gun, walking away with an undisclosed amount of cash.
Fast forward to Wednesday night, when Williams called 911 about a robbery at her own residence in the 1800 block of 15th Street Southwest. When officers arrived they noticed a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle used in Tuesday night's Subway robbery. After further investigation, detectives had enough evidence to arrest Williams and charge her with robbery in connection to the Subway robbery. 
The investigation to a robbery at an Akron Dollar General on November 15th and another at the Wallhaven Wing Stop on October 27th is ongoing, but Akron Police say more charges are pending against Williams. 
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