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New Life for the old Akron Airdock Featured

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An aerospace company started by Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, is going to move into and operate Akron's iconic Airdock, where blimps and dirigibles first started being made in 1929.

 LTA Research has entered into an agreement with the Development Finance Authority (DFA) of Summit County to sublease space at the Airdock to house manufacturing and flight operations.
LTA Research is  focused on the research and development of 21st century piloted and unpiloted airships for uses including the delivery of  humanitarian aid, the reduction of carbon emissions normally associated with aircraft, and growth for local economies.
LTA is not new to Akron, and in fact  has partnered with The University of Akron over the past couple of years,  to design, develop, and test small unpiloted airships and have received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for previous test flights. 
Their team includes graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Polymer Science, studying design principles including propulsion, controls, aerodynamics, and advanced manufacturing techniques.
The Development Finance Authority (DFA) of Summit County has owned the Airdock and leased it to Lockheed Martin since 2006, which is subleaseing space to LTA.
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