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Friday, 02 April 2021 09:15

Sheriff's Office: Be Cautious When You're Pulled Over Featured

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The Summit County Sheriff's Office is warning residents to always be aware, alert, and cautious, even when it comes to interactions with the police.
In a Facebook post yesterday, the sheriff's office said they received a call from a man who said his young granddaughter was pulled over by a man impersonating an officer in Stark County.
The man's car had flashing red and blue lights, so the girl stopped. When he approached her vehicle, per the report, he was wearing a blue uniform and asked for her ID. The girl didn't get out of the car and the man left without further incident.
This, the Sheriff's Office says this is a good reminder to examine the vehicle that's stopping you, look for key indicators of law enforcement, including badges, nametags, and identifying patches on uniforms that are well-fitted, ironed, and clean. If you're ever suspicious and worse, in fear of imminent danger, call 911.  
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