Thursday, 15 April 2021 10:56

Police: Two IEDs Found in Akron Featured

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Akron Police are investigating after an improvised explosive device was found in the city Wednesday.
It's the second such device discovered around Akron in less than a week's time.
The first device was found back on April 9th in the 1300 block of Goodyear Boulevard. A man walking in the area noticed it and took it home with him before calling Akron Police. Police then called the Bomb Squad to the scene and it was determined that the device was unable of being detonated. 
In the case of the second device, a woman walking near the train tracks in the 200 block of North Adams Street around noon Wednesday noticed the device in a bag and called police. Bomb Squad was called in and they reported that this device was capable of being triggered, though it's unclear how at this point. 
Both devices were discovered near train tracks and wooded areas and only about two miles from one another, Akron Police say. They have notified CSX in regard to the proximity of the devices to the railroad tracks. 
The investigation is ongoing. 
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