Tuesday, 15 June 2021 10:40

City Council Proposing Automatic Release of Police Body Cam Footage Featured

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A new law proposed by City Council this week would require Akron Police to release body camera footage within seven days of a deadly force incident.
The ordinance calls on police to share at least three different video angles, when available, of any such incident, and then release any subsequent video or audio recordings within 30 days of that incident. The measure only pertains to use of force incidents that result in death. 
While currently anyone can request a release of body camera footage as it pertains to any police interaction, the new ordinance would not require a request for the footage to be released. It would be the responsibility of the department to make the applicable footage available to the press and to the public. 
If passed, Akron would be the first city in Ohio to specifically define the state's requirement of a "reasonable amount of time" when making body cam footage public. 
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