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Stanley Ford Guilty Featured

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Stanley Ford Stanley Ford Akron Police

Stanley Ford, the Akron man accused of setting three fires, including two dealy house fires that killed nine people between 2016 and 2017, is guilty on 26 of the 29 charges against him.

The 62-year-old Sherbondy Hill resident was found guilty by a Summit County jury Tuesday all 22 counts of aggravated murder, the most murder charges filed against anyone in Summit County history.

Akron Police accused Ford of setting two house fires on Fultz Street in Akron, just four doors down from one another. 

The first fire was set in April 2016 that claimed the lives of Lindell Lewis, 66, and Gloria Hart, 65. One person was able to escape the house fire unharmed. 

Nearly one year later, Ford set fire to the second home on Fultz Street, where a family of seven lived. All of the members of that family were killed, including 35-year-old Dennis Huggins, 37-year-old Angela Boggs, 14-year-old Jared Boggs, six-year-old Daisia Huggins, five-year-old Kyle Huggins, three-year-old Alivia Huggins, and 16-month-old Cameron Huggins. 

The sentencing phase of the Stanley Ford murder trial begins Monday; he is facing the death penalty.

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