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Izzy Leaves NEO Buried in Snow Featured

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Izzy Leaves NEO Buried in Snow Mosher Media, Akron Buzz

Late Sunday into Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Greater Akron, Summit County, and virtually all of Northeast Ohio was left under a blanket of snow courtesy of Winter Storm Izzy that swept across the Midwest and Northeast. 

Locally, it's being reported by the National Weather Service that 13.6 inches of snow fell at the Akron-Canton Airport. For reference, the last time more than a foot of snow accumulated in less than 24 hours at the airport in Green was April 4, 1987, when 19.7 inches fell. Prior to that was December 1, 1974, when 16.4 inches accumulated. 

Below is a video courtesy of Mosher Media and the Akron Buzz documenting Monday's storm around Akron: 

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