Monday, 18 July 2022 04:27

Akron Curfew Lifted Featured

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Akron Curfew Lifted City of Akron
Akron's curfew is lifted - Mayor Dan Horrigan signed an executive order ending the previously imposed curfew early Sunday morning.

A curfew for the Downtown Akron area had been in place since Monday, July 4th, after protests turned into riots the night before after the body camera footage of the Akron Police shooting of Jayland Walker was released by the city. Days later the curfew was removed, but then reinstated after nearly 50 people were arrested Wednesday the 6th into Thursday the 7th. The week of Jayland Walker's memorial services, his family, who maintained their call peace since the release of the body cam footage, asked protestors to pause their demonstrations out of respect. Since this past Wednesday's services, there have been a few peaceful demonstrations throughout the city.
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