Tuesday, 31 January 2023 10:03

Cleveland Heights Brothers Headed to the Super Bowl Featured

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Cleveland Heights has reason to celebrate as the Kelce brothers, both born and raised in the neighborhood, are headed to the Super Bowl. They just happen to be playing for opposite teams.

Jason Kelce is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and his brother, Travis, is a tight end for the Chiefs. Football rivalries aside, the brothers remain close, even hosting a podcast together. The popular podcast called “New Heights,” has the brothers giving their insight on all things football, and discussing the latest trends in the NFL. 

They root for each other as well, but as Jason watched the Chiefs clinch the AFC title on Sunday he tweeted “I’m officially done being a Chief’s fan this season!!”

As for who the family will cheer for in the big game, the boy’s father Ed Kelce told News5 that since both his sons play offense, the plan will be to root for whatever offense is on the field at the time.

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