Wednesday, 08 February 2023 10:03

East Palestine Residents Concerned about Water Quality in Wake of Train Derailment Featured

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While the immediate danger from Friday night's big train derailment in East Palestine is over, local residents are still concerned about the possible long term effects from the chemicals released during the crash, especially when it comes to their water.  

A few local families told News5 that they’ve seen several dead fish floating in local creeks near the crash site and that they have concerns about the safety of their well water.

Linda Murphy lives just three miles from the site of the derailment and she tells News5 that she won’t be using her well water without testing saying, “That’s what we bathe in, that's what we drink, that's what we cook with and that’s what I also give to my animals, so it’s a major concern and they could not reassure me the water was safe to drink. They didn’t say it wasn’t and absolutely refrained from saying that it was.”

The Ohio EPA says it has not seen anything at this point that suggests private wells have been impacted and adds that they are taking water samples from streams daily and will have results from those samples soon. However local residents are still pushing for long term testing of their own water supply to ensure its safety.

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