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"Outrageous!": Mike DeWine on East Palestine Toxic Soil Removal Delays Featured

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says delays in removing contaminated soil from the East Palestine train deralment site are "outrageous", and that he wants to see NorfolkSouthern Railways and the US EPA immediately identify and authorize more hazardous waste disposal sites.
While there is a pile of approximately 24, 400 tons of excavated soil waiting for removal; only 2,980 tons have been removed so far. That, according to DeWine, is unacceptable. 

In an update on derailment cleanup efforts over the weekend, DeWine said, " The needs of this community are essentially getting lost in all this red tape, and piles of hazardous soil must not continue to sit stagnant in East Palestine." He aded", All licensed hazardous waste facilities in the country are well equipped to dispose of this soil - and, quite frankly, much more dangerous waste - in a safe manner. It’s time to get this process moving.”

DeWine also expressed his disapproval of the way in which removal approvals are being handled, noting that the U.S. EPA is requiring pre-approval of all disposal and transport of contaminated soil and liquids from the East Palestine derailment site. This he observed, "is an additional step above and beyond all other applicable safety management regulations required under RCRA and the U.S. Department of Transportation."

In other East Palestine derailment news, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is continuing to test dead animals like turtles, racoons, and muskrats, to see if they died from coming into contact with toxic chemicals, spilled during the derailment, and so far; none of the necropsies they've conducted have shown that is the cause.

For more on the continuing cleanup and efforts to help area residents deal with health concerns, click here for the latest information from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

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