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Air, Water, & Dead Animal Testing Continues In East Palestine Near Derailment Site Featured

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Drooling. Lethargy. Upper respiratory issues. Anorexia.

Those are some of the symptoms suffered by a dog, and some stray cats that died near the toxic train derailment site recently in East Palestine.

But, was it because of the chemicals? That's what investigators from the Ohio Department of Agriculture are trying to find out now.

So far, testing for chemical toxicity on other dead animals there has come up negative.

Water testing in private wells in that area continues as well, with the Ohio Department of Health reporting no harmful levels of contaminants on the 179 private systems they've sampled so far.

In addition, independent contractors are continuing high-pressure washing in underground culverts off of Sulphur Run, an effort to remove contaminated sediment that is causing the air to smell bad in some area homes and businesses.

With regard to hazardous waste removal, the Ohio EPA reports approximately 6.3 million gallons of liquid wastewater have been hauled out of East Palestine in total, and that there is currently a pile of approximately 27,700 tons of excavated soil waiting for removal, versus 3,200 tons that have been removed.

For a more information, click here to read the latest update from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

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