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Jayland Walker-Akron Police Grand Jury Starts Today Featured

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A spcial grand jury that will consider whether or not any criminal charges ought to be filed against Akron police in connection with the shooting of Jayland Walker last summer will begin considering evidence today in Summit County Common Pleas Court.

Walker is the black man Akron police say shot at them after fleeing a traffic stop, and then made threatening gestures after jumping out of his car in a parking lot. He was gunned down in a hail of police bullets, and only afterwards did police find his gun was not in his hand, but still inside his car, on the front seat.

Since then, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations, out of Columbus, has been looking into it, and the evidence that they have collected is what the grand jury here in Akron will start considering today.

In anticipation of possible protests; the City of Akron has launched a website,, with information on topics including how a grand jury works, a specific zone where demonstrations will be permitted, road closures, and downtown safety updates.

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