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Fewer Home Health Care Workers Just When Area Residents Need Them Most Featured

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There is a nationwide shortage of home health care workers, at the very same time as the number of elderly people who need them, is increasing.

It is due, in part, to the increased need for care brought on by the pandemic, but mostly, according to Abby Morgan, CEO of Direction Home, Akron-Canton Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities, by the extremely low wages that are paid to those vitally needed workers.

As a result, she's advocating for an increase in the amount of money the federal government allocates to Medicaid, which is the agency which most often pays for the workers who act as caregivers for low income elderly and disabled people.

But what about all the other elderly residents in our area and around the country who are on Medicare, not Medicaid, and who may also have a private insurance supplemental or advantage plan?

It turns out, Morgan tells us; they're mostly out of luck, as home health care is generally not covered by those plans, other than for a short while after a hospitalization.

Find out why, and what can be done about it, as she talks about it with Jeanne Destro.

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