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Protest Wednesday Night on Copley Road Dispersed by Akron Police Featured

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A protest last night in response to the grand jury’s decision in Jayland Walker case ended in a haze of tear gas, as protestors clashed with police. After declaring a march to be an unlawful assembly, Akron Police used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse a protest along Copley Road a little after 8:00 pm.

Officers said that someone in the crowd allegedly began throwing rocks and bottles at police, which led to the decision to disperse. However, the Beacon Journal reports that, “a line of police vehicles descended on the protesters near East Avenue, prompting some protesters to crowd the officers. That's when a chemical irritant and pepper spray were used by police and deputies.” The Beacon Journal goes on to say that protestors then began to throw objects at officers in response.

As 3News reports, a group of protesters reconvened later in the evening in Highland Square and broke windows at several local businesses along West Market Street.

Lt. Michael Miller of the Akron Police Department spoke to Ray about what happened at last night’s protest, as well as how citizens can safely and legally participate in peaceful protests moving forward.

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