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Two Arrested At Jayland Walker Protest on Tallmadge Avenue in Akron Monday Evening Featured

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Two people were arrested, three vehicles were towed, and four people got traffic citations as a result of events that took place during a Jayland Walker-related protest on East Tallmadge Avenue in Akron, Monday, April 24, a little after 6PM.

26 year old Elijah Hawkins, who was filming the protest, is charged with Carrying Concealed Weapons, Weapons Under Disability, and having a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle. Police say they also cited him for traffic violations because he was driving recklessly, and operating a vehicle with an open door, while standing up.

40 year old Frank Ragsdale, who was leading a caravan of more than a dozen cars that police say were blocking the entire westbound travel lane, allegedly blocked at least one marked police vehicle with his body.

He’s now charged with Obstructing Official Business, Disorderly Conduct, and a traffic citation for reckless operation.

A 35 year old woman and a passenger in her vehicle, were also cited for traffic violations.

The protest was one of a continuing series of citizen actions in response to the shooting of Jayland Walker in Akron last June.

Just last week, a Grand Jury  that was convened to determine whether or not police should face any criminal charges related to shooting Walker, declined to return any indictments. Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost, whose office handled the investigation into the case as Special Prosecutors, said the jurors concluded police acted only after Walker first fled a traffic stop, fired a gun at police along the highway, jumped out of his car wearing a ski mask, refused to stop when police ordered him to so so, and then made what they perceived to be a threatening gesture indicating he was holding a gun.

He was not, though. The gun they said he used to shoot at police was found on the front seat of his car, after he was shot.

Also yesterday, US Representative, Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) wrote a letter to the US Justice Department asking them to look into Walker's death, along with the the patterns and practices of the Akron Police Department. 

In her letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland, Sykes says  she is asking for an investigation “in order to enhance public safety and the community’s trust in our sworn officers.”

In addition, she says “The call for this investigation is in no way an attempt at retribution, but rather, an opportunity to implement more community focused policing that serves the needs of every segment of this community."

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US Representative, Emilia Sykes (D), Akron

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