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This Week in Tech With Jeanne Destro-3-3-23: Clean Water Technology

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*Updated: 3-6-23

This week, we're taking a deep dive into clean water technology.

We decided to look into it, in response to the big train derailment and toxic chemical release in East Palestine, Ohio, which is about 76 miles Southeast of Akron.

Is anything going on with their water going to affect us? Could the kind of thing that happened there, happen here?

These are the kinds of questions that guided our conversations, but along the way, we encountered some surprises.

For example: Did you know that breathing in the steam from your bathroom shower is actually (at least somewhat) hazardous to your health, because of the chemicals they put in the water to make it safe to drink? No? Well, we didn't either.

So, listen now to find out more, and get the whole back story on where we get our water, what is being done to protect it, and how there is always some give and take when it comes to reducing risk; including when you turn on the tap at home.

Our featured guests today, are City of Akron Water Supply Bureau Manager, Jeff Bronowski, and Chris Miller, who the founder and CEO of Fontus Blue, a technology company that provides drinking water quality management software and services for communities in a number of different communities nationwide, including Akron.


*Please note, this story was updated to correct technical issues, on 3-6-23


Jeff Bronowski, Manager, City of Akron Water Supply Bureau

Christopher Miller Fontus Blue

Chris Miller, CEO, Fontus Blue

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