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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-10-20-23: Canton's Big Hydrogen Bus Bonanza

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Kirt Conrad- fuel cell bus Kirt Conrad- fuel cell bus SARTA

This week, the Biden administration continued its push toward both manufacturing growth, and the widespread expansion of sustainable green energy initiatives, with a nearly $8 billion dollar investment in clean hydrogen.

As part of that push; Ohio is now included in one of seven regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs, and Canton, Ohio is one of the communities where the Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub program will get underway over the next few years.

It will take place at the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority, where their CEO, Kirt Conrad  talked to us about how they plan to use the $20 t0 $50 million federal dollars coming their way through the Clean Hydrogen Hub program, as well as a combination of other federal resources such as IRS Tax credits, and funding through the US Department of Transportation.

As you'll hear, SARTA is already powering 21 of their 110 buses with hydrogen fuel cells, which instead of producing toxic greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and cause illness; they emit environmentally friendly water vapor and droplets.

Listen now:

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