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Artificial Intelligence In The Classroom: New Ohio "AI Toolkit" for K-12 Teachers

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The State of Ohio wants to encourage teachers to get students ready for future employment in world where their jobs will be greatly influenced by Artificial Intelligence.

As a result, they just issued a new "AI Toolkit" for K-12 teachers statewide, which they say will "empower policymakers, superintendents, principals, IT staff, teachers, and parents to advance AI literacy in their school districts. In addition, they say it will "provide resources that help promote student privacy, data security, ethics, and other factors."

To find out what that might mean for teachers at Akron Public Schools, I had a conversation with their College & Career Academies Director, Marcie Ebright, who formerly worked for APS as an Instructional Technology Specialist.

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Marcie Ebright, Akron Public Schools

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