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Countdown To Totality: Solar Eclipse Readiness & Safety Tips

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April 8th is going to be a big day in Northeast Ohio, with thousands of of visitors from all over the country expected flock here for the first total solar eclipse of the sun visible from this area since 1806.

It will quite literally be the chance of a lifetime, as the next one like it, won't be until 2099.

With that in mind; state, local, and federal offiicials got together recently to discuss their plans to keep people safe from the kinds of things you can naturally expect when big crowds gather, like traffic jams, accidents, and unusually high demand for bandwidth on mobile phone networks.

But they're also planning for things like people inadvertently damaging their septic systems, sustaining eye damage, and even drowning in Lake Erie, in their rush to sky gaze, take pictures, and generally bask in the glory of a dark and mysterious celestial event.

So, get ready to stay safe, healthy, and super astronomically amped, as we count down to the totality!

Listen now. 

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