Founder of "RealityChek" and independent blogger, Alan Tonelson, joined Ray. They discussed the importance of the tariffs in place on Chinese goods, currency manipulation, inflation, and more.

Friday, 20 May 2022 06:26

Bases & Balls 5.20.22

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 Jim Rosenhaus, voice of the Cleveland Guardians, joins Ray every Friday to talk baseball. This week they talked about how the team is doing so far, defense, Owen Miller's background, and more.


Don't you just hate it when technology that's supposed to make your life easier; actually makes it even more difficult?

Most people do, and that's why it is welcome news that innovative new technology is available now, that enables people to not only interact, but to collaborate with computers, robots, and other smart gadgets.

Find out more about how this new and evolving technology is helping make business leaders more successful and employees more productive, as we talk with artificial intelligence expert, H. James Wilson.

Wilson, who spoke to us from his home in San Francisco, is the Global Managing Director of Thought Leadership and Technology at Accenture, a management consulting and professional services firm with more than 700 thousand employees worldwide, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

He wrote the book, "Radically Human: How New Technology Is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future", with Accenture's Group Chief Executive-Technology, and Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty

james wilson accenture

H. James Wilson, Author

Radically Human

Thursday, 19 May 2022 08:40

Covid-19 Cases Are on the Rise

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Doctor of Infectious Disease at Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Dr. Donald Dumford, joined Ray. They talked about the uptick in Covid-19 cases, why it's important to get vaccines and boosters, long Covid symptoms, and more.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office is looking for two suspects who stole more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise from the Acme in Green back on April 29th.
Surveillance video from inside the store (below) shows the two women loading up two bags full of items and a cart full of diapers and laundry detergent.

After they were spotted by store security, the two ran to an SUV in the parking lot and took off. 
Anyone with more information is asked to call the Summit County Sheriff's Office at 330.630.6317. Tips can also be submitted through the sheriff's office app. 
North Canton Police were called to a noisy disturbance along Glenwood Street Southwest early Wednesday morning, around 2 a.m.
Upon arrival, officers noticed a duck standing along the street near a sewer grate. Inside that grate - twelve tiny ducklings.
They had apparently fallen in while crossing the street and became trapped. Well, the responding officers were quick to pry the grate up and rescue the little ducklings: 

Wednesday, 18 May 2022 07:34

Akron is Recruiting Police Officers

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Clay Cozart, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Akron Lodge 7, joined Ray. They discussed retention and hiring of police officers in Akron. They talk about officers leaving for higher paying jobs, the wounded reputation of police across the country, and more.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022 06:20

Hey Bobby! 5.18.22

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Every Wednesday, Bobby DiBiasio of the Cleveland Guardians joins Ray. This week, they discussed The Gray Eagle (Tris Speaker), the best seat in the ballpark, and Guardians Charities.


Tuesday, 17 May 2022 07:54

Health of Lake Erie

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State Representative, Bill Roemer, joined Ray to discuss the health of Lake Erie. Algae blooms are predicted to be lower this year than they have been in a long time. Bill talks about how important the health of Lake Erie is to the state and what is being done to improve it.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 04:20

City of Akron Releases 2022 Resurfacing List

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Akron, Ohio, May 16, 2022 — Today, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan has released the full 2022 Street Resurfacing list. The City plans to pave 38 miles carried over from 2021 plus an additional 45 miles for a total of 83 miles planned in 2022. The City has budgeted $5.4 million for the 45 new miles and is using carryover funds from 2021 to cover the other 38 miles.

A list of streets scheduled for resurfacing in 2022 (including alternates) is available here

"I've made Akron's roadways one of my top priorities ever since taking office," said Mayor Horrigan. "Our infrastructure investments are paying off in sustained improvements, but there's still plenty of work to do. This year's resurfacing program will be one of the largest we have ever undertaken, and it will continue to build on our forward progress to create significant improvements for Akron’s commuters."

Mayor Horrigan continued, “This week is National Public Works Week here in Akron and across the nation, and I'd like to thank the over 300 dedicated and hardworking employees serving the citizens of Akron in the Building Maintenance, Highway Maintenance, Motor Equipment, Parks Maintenance, Sanitation Services and Street Cleaning Divisions of the Public Works Bureau. Without their efforts, the City simply wouldn’t run.”

The paving list and schedule are subject to change due to various circumstances such as weather and supply chain issues. If streets are being used as highly traveled detour routes for various construction projects, resurfacing on those roads may be delayed. The Alternate (ALT) streets are only performed if additional funding becomes available and time allows.

“This past winter was very tough on our roadways, with double the normal amount of snowfall and the extremely cold temperatures in January,” said Public Works Manager, Jim Hall. “Fortunately, we were able to get a break with the weather and get an early start on our 2021 carryover program. And we’ll begin our 2022 program work later this month. With all the construction work in and around the area, we urge drivers to be mindful of construction crews, not to speed in construction zones and to not use your phone while driving.”

In creating the resurfacing list each year, the City grades the condition of each street and paves the “worst first,” taking into consideration traffic conditions and clustering streets together to reduce mobilization costs and maximize efficiency.

Signage will be posted on each street several days before resurfacing work is scheduled to begin. Traffic is maintained as much as possible during this work, but on-street parking is prohibited on the dates posted.  The Drive Akron Website will be updated with anticipated work, as well as, periodic updates to the program on the City’s social media pages (Facebook: City of Akron, Ohio – Mayor’s Office; Twitter: @AkronOhioMayor.)  Residents with specific questions are encouraged to call the Mayor’s 3-1-1 Action Center for more information.

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