Do you believe in ghosts, or are you at least curious enough to find out if they might be real?

If so, the Akron's Goodyear Theater is the place to be tomorrow night, September 21.

Ghost Hunter Amy Bruni, who began her career on the popular TV series, "Ghost Hunters",  and who is now the co-star and executive producer of the Travel Channel Show, "Kindred Spirits", will be on stage with her "Life with The Afterlife: True Tales of the Paranormal", show, starting at 7:30PM.

We talked to her recently about her spooky experiences, why she has an open mind about what may be causing them, and (perhaps) why you should too.

Listen now:



Wednesday, 20 September 2023 08:02

A Look at the Economy with Dr. Kathryn Wilson

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The economy is on the rise and there is a large demand for employees but 78% of Americans still live paycheck to paycheck. Dr. Kathryn Wilson, Profesor of Economics at Kent State University, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. They talked about why so many Americans are struggling, took a look at the economy, inflation, and more.
Wednesday, 20 September 2023 07:20

Hey Bobby 9.20.23

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Bobby DiBiasio of the Cleveland Guardians joined the Ray Horner Morning Show for his weekly episode of Hey Bobby! This week, Ray and Bobby reflected on Charlie Manuel and his influence, and they discussed the Guardians young offensive lineup. 

Mark your calendars now for this coming Saturday, Sept. 23, for the West Hill Neighborhood Organization's "WonderFest 2023" celebration. 

The event will take place at the corner of Maple and Crosby Streets in Akron starting at Noon, and will include a bike race, food trucks, a beer garden, live music, and even a free movie night featuring the 1985 classic, "Back To The Future"  at historic Glendale Cemetery.

Listen for more details from West Hill Neighborhood Organization Member, Krysta Curl, and Free Akron Outdoor Movies Co-Founder, John Bryson. 


Auto Industry expert with CBS, Jeff Gilbert, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. The UAW (United Auto Workers) are still on strike. Ray and Jeff discussed the strike, EV's role in the situation, what it means for consumers, and more. 


While the folks over at the American Cancer Society's "Discovery Shop" in Akron are thrilled that their upcoming "Beauty & The Best" fundraiser coming up on September 28, is sold out; they also want community members to know there are still lots of great fashion finds and bargains to be found during their regular business hours, Monday through Saturday each week.

The Discovery Shop, located at 1690 West Market Street in Akron's Wallhaven neighborhood, features gently used clothing, jewelry, handbags, fine china, books, household goods, kitchen gadgets, artwork, and even some small pieces of furniture.

But, as you'll hear in our interview with volunteer Suzy Welker; it also offers hope and healing for the people who work and shop there.

Listen now, as she describes why she loves volunteering at the shop, and how the American Cancer Society uses the money they raise to help cancer patients, and their families.



Suzy Welker, Volunteer, with some of the heirloom china you can find at the Discovery Shop

Volunteer Brenda Hairston of West Akron will be modeling

Volunteer Brenda Harrison will be modeling at the Discovery Shop's upcoming "Beauty & The Best" Fashion Show

The Fashion Show is in Honor of Ann Duke and Pat Koch

The fashion Show will honor volunteers Ann Duke, and Pat Koch, who donated countless hours to the Discovery Shop.

Monday, 18 September 2023 09:21

Auto Workers Picket in Avon Lake

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The United Auto Workers strike against automakers continues, with several dozen members of the union's local 2000 chapter gathering outside Avon Lake’s Ford assembly plant on Sunday to show solidarity and support. 

UAW Local 2000 President Bill Samples tells Fox 8 that their message is clear, they demand a better paying contract, with the UAW claiming that CEO pay at the big 3 automakers has increased 40% over the last 4 years, with autoworkers only receiving 6% raises since 2019.

Local UAW President Dan Schwartz represents 900 employees that are ready to join the fight saying, “We’re ready to do what we need to do to get what’s ours.”

Monday, 18 September 2023 07:16

Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & More

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September is Suicide Prevention Month. Katie Jenkins, Executive Director of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Greater Cleveland, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. They discussed suicide prevention, warning signs, and more.


Every month, Ray talks with a Cleveland Clinic Akron General about what they're doing to help throughout the community.

Dr. Sarah Woodrow, Neuro spine surgeon with Cleveland Clinic Akron General, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to announce the purchase of a spine robot. Dr. Woodrow talked about the advantages of the robot, the options for patients, and more.

Friday, 15 September 2023 07:12

Film School: Scarface

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Film Study Professor, Joe Fortunato, joins Ray every Friday for Film School. Jeanne Destro was in for Ray this week. Jeanne and Joe discussed the 1983 Crime-Drama, Scarface. 

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