The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 continues to mutate, and while it has caused an uptick in hospitalizations; so far what is circulation now does not appear to be more deadly.

That's the word from Summit County Health Commissioner, Donna Skoda, who talked to our morning show host, Ray Horner, this morning about the new virus variants, and the new vaccine that will be available to protect us from it, likely by the end of September.

In addition, Skoda talked to us about the new RSV vaccine that will also be available soon for expectant mothers and infants, and, she warns us to be extra careful about ticks, because Lyme Disease is also on the rise in Summit County, with 16 new cases recently reported.

Listen now for the latest on COVID mutations, when the new vaccine against them will be available, the new RSV vaccine, and what you should do to protect yourself against Lyme disease.


Donna Skoda SCPH

Summit County Health Commissioner, Donna Skoda

Tuesday, 22 August 2023 07:15

Back to School: Nutrition, Anxiety, & Sleep

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Dr. Deborah (Debbie) Plate, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Akron General, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. She discussed the stress and anxiety that comes along with the back to school season for students and parents alike. Dr. Plate also discussed the importance of nutrition and sleep routines.


With the new school year just getting underway; there have already been a couple of security issues reported in local school districts.

In Hudson, a teacher who had been suspended,  was arrested on Thursday , and then again on Friday, last week, after allegedly showing up at the High School. 

Akron Beacon Journal reports after his second arrest, a judge revoked the 34 year old man’s $2,500 bond on charges of misdemeanor criminal trespass and inducing panic, and ordered him held in the Summit County jail pending a competency evaluation

In Medina, after police got calls on Saturday about a possible threat to Medina High School; they reportedly detained an “individual of concern” on Sunday.

Nationwide, parents, teachers, and students have been concerned for years about school violence, following multiple mass shootings, including the one that resulted in 17 deaths at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, back in 2018, and the one that claimed 21 lives at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde,Texas, just last year.

Here in Akron, teacher concerns about violence at the hands of students was a major sticking point in the school district’s efforts to get a new contract ratified with the teacher’s union last year, which it eventually did; but not without a great deal of time and attention on what the schools planned to do to keep their teachers safe.

With all that in mind; WAKR Morning Show Host, Ray Horner, talked to Akron Public Schools new Director of Safety & Security, Don Zesiger, about safety measures in place as APS students head back to the classroom starting this Thursday, August 24.

Listen now to hear about new backpack scanners, metal detectors, teacher security badges that include a panic button, locked bags for student mobile phones, and even bullet-resistant film for first floor and classroom windows. 


Taking a hike in Cuyahoga Valley National Park? Keep your eyes peeled because you may be sharing the trail with a black bear. 

As the Beacon Journal reports, black bear tracks have been spotted near Szalay’s Farm & Market on Riverview Road south of Peninsula and north of Akron. A public information officer for Cuyahoga Valley says the bear is most likely a young male looking for territory, food, and possibly a mate. 

The National Park Service has few tips to keep in mind if you do encounter a bear that include to never approach or crowd the bear, stay calm and talk in a low voice, and don’t run. 

As students head back to school their anxiety is on the rise. Whether they are anxious about old bullies or new, it's important to check in with your children regularly. Dr. Hermetet, the Director of the Division of Neurobehavioral Health and pediatric psychologist at Akron Children's Hospital, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. She spoke about checking in on your students, warning signs that they're being bullied, when to seek professional help, and more.


Imagine driving down the road on a dark night.

Suddenly; your car slows and rolls to a gentle stop, just before a big deer that had been completely hidden from sight in the woods, darts out onto the road exactly where you would have been, if advanced thermal imaging sensors hadn't saved you from a potentially fatal crash.

Sound far-fetched?

Well, according to researchers at Purdue University, that could actually happen within the next few years, if their new HADAR technology is adopted by the automotive industry for both human-driven, and autonomous vehicles.

HADAR is short for "heat assisted detection and ranging"; and according to our featured guest today, Purdue University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Dr. Zubin Jacob, it takes existing thermal imaging to the next level with improved sensor hardware, and AI-powered software.

Listen now to find how HADAR could be used in many different industries, including medicine, and defense, but why Jacob's first goal, is to get it adopted by the automotive industry.


zubin jacob

Dr. Zubin Jacob, Purdue University

Bio: Zubin Jacob is currently an Elmore Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Department of Physics (by courtesy) at Purdue University. He is the fellow of the Optical Society of America (now called Optica), winner of the Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay Young Alumnus Achiever award (2021), European Association of Antennas and Propagation Leopold Felsen award for excellence in electrodynamics (2021), DARPA Director’s fellowship (2019), National Science Foundation CAREER award (2017), DARPA Young Faculty award (2017) and Purdue ECE Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor Award (2018). He served on the editorial board of Journal of Optics from 2016-2018 and was the technical committee chair for nanophotonics at the IEEE Photonics meeting 2018 and OSA CLEO 2019-2020.

Friday, 18 August 2023 07:43

Golf Course Review: Fairlawn Country Club

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Golf Pro, Dan Dauk, joins Ray every Friday to talk about local golf courses. Featured this week is Fairlawn Country Club.

Friday, 18 August 2023 08:44

Bases & Balls 8.18.23

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Guardians Broadcaster, Jim Rosenhaus, joins the Ray Horner Morning Show every Friday to talk baseball in 'Bases & Balls!'. The Guardians are plagued with injuries right now so Jim had a lot to update on the recovery front. They also talked about Brayan Rocchio and upcoming games. 

Friday, 18 August 2023 07:41

Golf Tips: The Proper Grip

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Golf Pro, Dan Dauk, joins Ray every Friday with tips and info for golfers. This week dan talks about the proper club grip and how important it is for your game.

Friday, 18 August 2023 08:20

Film School: The Exorcist

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Film Study Professor, Joe Fortunato, joins Ray every Friday for Film School. This week, Joe and Ray go back to 1973 with The Exorcist. 

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