Wednesday, 29 July 2015 17:11

University of Akron Releases Layoff List

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The University of Akron has released a list of those affected by budget-related job cuts - which affect 213 positions and 161 employees.

A list of all the position cuts is published here on

The layoffs will save the university about 15-million dollars a year in salary and benefits.

The list confirms the dismissal of all staff at E.J. Thomas Hall, the Student Services Center, the Multicultural Center and the UA Press.

UA officials say the Multicultural Center will consolidate with the Office of Inclusion and Equity and that University Press is being merged into the university library system.

Other departments affected included the Office of Information Technology.

University officials say that some employees have "bumping rights"...that could enable them to move to another position within the university, thereby displacing another person.

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