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Local Ski Resorts Look to Capitalize on Colder Temperatures

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Courtesy: Boston Mills Brandywine Courtesy: Boston Mills Brandywine

Ohio Residents unexpectedly are experiencing warmer weather in the months of November and December, but the people at Boston Mills Brandywine are thanking mother nature for the recent drop in temperatures.

Boston Mills Brandywine product manager Ricky McMullen said with the recent cold front; crews have been able to get to work.

"We've made really good progress with the temperatures. We've counted some high humidity. We've been able to work through it and put down some good amount of snow."

McMullen said with the recent cold temperatures, this coming week's warm weather won't affect the business's plan to open soon.

"With the amount of snow that we've been able to produce and what the forecast looks like we are going to be able to produce over the next couple of days, once we get open, we should be able to stay open with the amount of snow that we've created."

McMullen said because of the warmer temperatures the business has had a hard time staying open, opening for only one day. He said customers have still been supportive.

"People were actually pretty positive even though it didn't look like it was going to stick around very long."

Boston Mills Brandywine will make an announcement in a couple of days on when they'll be open, McMullen said.

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