Thursday, 21 January 2016 17:27

Pino: "Absolutely Not" Tied To ISIS

Written by Mike Ward and Jasen Sokol

The Kent State University associate professor reportedly under investigation by the FBI is speaking out.

Julio Pino talked to reporters after classes Thursday afternoon, saying "absolutely not" when asked if he was an ISIS sympathizer or recruiter.

"I do not endorse violence, I do not advocate violence, nor do I practice it," Pino told reporters.

"I've always tried to focus on my duties," Pino continued, "which are to my family, to this community, to this university, and quite obviously to my students...and I shall do so as long as I'm able to."

Pino declined to speculate if he'll step down from his job, though he told NewsChannel 5's Bob Jones earlier Thursday that he should "absolutely not" step down, saying he was doing his job, teaching two classes.

A spokesperson for the KSU faculty union tells that Kent State could act "quickly" to stop Pino from teaching, with pay, if it perceives a threat.

But statements from KSU president Beverly Warren have said that there "is no threat" to the university.

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