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Kasich Joins Supporters at Luigi's Restaurant

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Presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich has been making a push to win his home state ahead of the Tuesday presidential primary, but made a pit stop to grab some pizza and to talk to supporters at Luigi's Restaurant Sunday.

"If we win Ohio, we'll have to take some pictures because you might be taking a picture with the next President of the United States," Kasich quipped before a loud applause.

Kasich told supporters this is an important election, adding, we need substantive solutions to fix the country's problems.

"We got to have positive solutions in this country," Kasich said. "We can't be running around yelling at one we see on T.V."

Bryan Williams, executive chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, offered his support for the Ohio Governor.

"We've had eight Ohioans become President of the United States. It would be nice to have the ninth one be John Kasich."

Williams boasted about the amount of experience Kasich has, stating he gets things done.

"There's one person left in the race who's done everything we want our next president to do: Cut spending, cut taxes, spend money in a better way and in a smarter way," Williams said.

Kasich urged people to get everyone they can to get out in vote on Tuesday before getting on the campaign bus to a rally in Hanoverton.

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