Thursday, 23 June 2016 13:05

New Evidence In Amy Mihaljevic Case

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The Cleveland FBI, along with Bay Village Police, and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty held a press conference today in regard to new evidence in the nearly 27-year-old case of Amy Mihaljevic. 

During Thursday's press conference they said a curtain, that was initially found near where Amy's body was found in Ashland County, is what Amy's body was wrapped in and came from the location where she was murdered. Investigators made the connection through hair from the Mihaljevic family dog that was found on the curtain. The curtain was described as homemade, turned into a curtain from a blanket. 

"This lead will solve the case. If you connect this curtain to a location, they will finish the job," McGinty said at the press conference. 

Amy went missing from her Bay Village home on October 27, 1989. Her body was found in a ditch along a road in Ashland County in February of 1990. 

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