Wednesday, 27 July 2016 10:04

AUDIO Brown To Trump: Where Were You?

Written by Edward L. Esposito & Joe Irizarry
AUDIO Brown To Trump: Where Were You? photo: Joe Irizarry for WAKR

Now that Hillary Clinton is the nominee -- time for Democrats to rally the troops. Put Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown in that corner. Brown spoke with Ohio's Democratic delegation this morning on day 3 of the RNC. He says 90% of Bernie Sanders supporters poll in favor of Clinton, and thinks most will come on board by November.

The Cleveland Democrat wasn't shy about taking on Donald Trump on the issue of free trade and economic growth, noting that while Trump was scheduled for Toledo today it was the Democrats who saved auto manufacturing jobs. He also bashed Trump for portrayiing himself as a friend of working Americans with deep reservations about trade deals, noting many of the products bearing the Trump name aren't even made in the United States and much of Trump's wealth was based on business overseas.


Brown also described himself as "honored" going through the vetting for consideration as running mate, the post that eventually went to fellow Senator Tim Kaine, whom Brown describes as one of his closest friends in the Senate.

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