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Amazon Store Opens In Akron

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Amazon is offering Akron residents a new way to receive and return ordered packages.

The online retail giant has opened a new store on East Exchange Street near the University of Akron campus, where customers can pick up items they have ordered without the risk of someone swiping it from their doorstep.

According to the Beacon Journal, customers will receive an email when their order has arrived to Amazon Akron. They can then respond to the email with a time they will be able to pick it up. When they come in to the store, they will scan a bar code on their smart phone. That triggers a locked compartment to open with the package placed inside by an employee.

Store officials say Amazon Student and Prime members can receive free one-day pickup on millions of items placed by 10:00 PM, and free returns back to Amazon is also available. They say most packages are available between 10:00 AM and noon the next day.

There are only 12 stores like it in the country and it's just the second in Ohio.


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