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STEM Schools Fighting Addiction With Ideas

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STEM school students are tackling a non-traditional project this school year, and they're doing so per the order of the State Superintendent. 

Aimee Kennedy, Vice President of Education Philanthropy at Battelle out of Columbus, OH, says they've partnered with STEM schools in Ohio and across the United States, to help bring attention to and help fight against opioid abuse and addiction. Strategies That Engage Minds, is a more appropriate acronym (opposed to Science Technology Engineering Math), Kennedy says, because students are encouraged to take a different approach to a long-time problem that is, especially in Summit County as of late, affecting so many households, some of which are made up of students their age. She says it's about for Battelle, it's about STEM solving real-world problems, and "using your content knowledge and applying it in very much the same way that professionals do in a work environment." 

Hear the entire interview with Aimee below and explore all that ways Battelle is partnering with STEM schools to better their students and student experience here



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